Many have waited long for regulation in the Scandinavian market and now Sweden takes the first casino step into a regulated market. On the 31st of March 2017 a bill was sent in to the parlament. A tax of 18% is suggested and so far its been a positive input.

If the bill is approved it means that all online casinos needs to apply for a license to be able to operate in Sweden.

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If approved, when will the new gaming law be inforced?

The goverment of Sweden have high hopes of having a license system ready by 31st of June 2018. May that as it be, it's a very enthusiastic approach considering other issues the Swedish goverment are facing at the moment as well as there will be an election in September 2018.

Playing in a regulated Scandinavian casino online is a reality

Will Norway go in the same direction as Sweden?

Since Norway are not part of Eu, they have more freedom to choose how they wanna act in certain monopolies whilst other European Union countries need to adjust to the rules and laws set by EU, regards free competition act and so on. Many Norwegian enjoy playing casino online as well as slots and many other games.  

Norwegian authorities said they are not gonna regulate the market and gonna keep the monopoly which consists of Norsk-Tipping, and Risk-toto. They have plans to increase there limited offer of online casino games to Norwegian.

Many think Finland will follow Sweden

Finland have also plans to regulate and give out gaming licenses but many experts thinks they will wait until Sweden have regulated and than follow the same path.


There will definitely be regulations in the Scandinavian countries shortly. Its just a matter of how long it will take to develop the license system and input it.

It's only makes sense to regulate the market and allow people from Scandinavia to play on reputable and safe online casinos which are controlled and supervised by states officials.