If you ask the average online casino player for a list of the biggest developers, they’ll probably make it past 5 or 10 before Yggdrasil comes up.

Typically, it’s not as well-known as the likes of Microgaming, Playtech, or the exceptional NetEnt, but Yggdrasil has grown immensely over the last few years and is on course to be one of the biggest developers in the world.

It’s not just about the future, either. Yggdrasil has some pretty impressive games right now and is available on a host of online casinos, the best of which are listed on this website. These casinos showcase the most sought-after titles, from the Viking-themed classics to weird and wonderful modern creations.

The name “Yggdrasil” comes from Norse mythology. The Yggdrasil was a mythical tree that played a central role in Nordic myths. It was believed that this tree connected the nine worlds and was regularly visited by the gods.

If you search for “Yggdrasil” on its own, you’re more likely to find stories about this myth than online casinos, so you’ll need to extend your search terms a little. Alternatively, you can just read this guide to Yggdrasil Gaming casinos, where we’ll cover everything you need to know about the developer.

About Yggdrasil Gaming

Yggdrasil is an innovative, boundary-pushing online casino creator. It launched back in 2013 and quickly made a name for itself.

By 2016, it had acquired casino licenses from several major regulators, including the authorities of Malta, Gibraltar, and Romania. It had also developed the iSENSE 2.0 technology, allowing it to match its competitors in terms of quality and output, and had launched a white label program.

This rapid development continued over the proceeding years. It launched its iSENSE 2.0 Live platform in 2017, and in 2018 it launched YGS Masters and paid out its largest jackpot payment of nearly €8 million.

In 2019 and 2020, its work continued. New programs were launched and new licenses were acquired, including one from the authorities of Sweden. 2020 also witnessed a significant expansion of the Yggdrasil Gaming roster, with new titles and re-releases seeing the brand’s list grow by more than 40 games.

Although it launched over a decade after the bulk of its competitors, Yggdrasil clearly got off to a running start and in the last few years it has grown faster than any other brand. The future is clearly bright for this company and it’s a name we’ll be seeing a lot of in years to come.

Yggdrasil Gaming has won a plethora of awards since it was first founded and these have increased in quantity over the last few years. Awards have included Innovator of the Year, Slot Provider of the Year, Gaming Software Supplier of the Year, Rising Star, and more.

Yggdrasil Technology

We mentioned Yggdrasil’s iSENSE 2.0 technology above, but what is this, what does it offer casinos, and how does it benefit players?

iSENSE 2.0 is a casino framework built on HTML5, which means it can be accessed on mobile and desktop and is supported on multiple platforms.

It promises over 99.9% uptime, with a streamlined UI and a host of promotional tools. These tools help to increase customer retention while ensuring players have plenty of bonuses to collect and opportunities to take advantage of.

It also uses something known as REDUX, which brings its table games to life. This uses motion capture technology to realistically simulate the dealer’s movements, while side bets and other features create a real-life casino experience.

Where are Yggdrasil Gaming Casinos Available?

You can play Yggdrasil casino games in a host of countries around the world, and the list is growing all of the time. As things stand, the developer is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, and the Swedish Gambling Association. It also has an Isle of Man License and a Gibraltar Remote Gambling License.

It means that you can play Yggdrasil games everywhere from the United Kingdom and Sweden to Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Canada, and India. Of course, that doesn’t mean a casino will host Yggdrasil games just because it is licensed to operate in these regions.

For that to happen, the casino needs to work with a white label provider that hosts Yggdrasil games. Fortunately, this applies to a large percentage of online casinos.

You’ll often find Yggdrasil games hosted alongside other major software developers and can find them by filtering your search by developer or entering the name in the search bar.

Promotions and Partners

Yggdrasil Gaming made a huge leap forward with the launch of the YG Masters program. This program brings together talented developers, all tasked with creating high-quality games for the burgeoning online gambling industry.

All developers in this program are given access to Yggdrasil’s unique development tools and the brand also helps them with licensing. This allows them to focus on the actual development, which means they are free to innovate and to create memorable titles.

Yggdrasil is home to the BOOST collection of promotional tools. These are designed to increase player numbers and promote player retention. From the casino’s perspective, it helps to keep the revenues high and ensures that more players deposit, play, and stick around.

From the player’s perspective, it guarantees an influx of great bonuses and offers, all tied to Yggdrasil slots and table games. These are offered directly through the best Yggdrasil Gaming online casinos but are backed by the creator.

In addition to Welcome Bonuses, Reload Bonuses, and Loyalty Scheme offers, these prizes include real money slot tournaments. During these tournaments, players just need to opt-in, play specific slot machines, and collect points.

Points are earned either on a stake or win basis. For instance, you might collect points for every €1 that you wager on a specific slot. Alternatively, you can collect points for every 1x win.

In the first instance, you are pretty limited if you’re a small stake player. You simply can’t compete with high rollers. If you’re gambling €0.10 per spin and competing against someone who wagers €100, you need to take 1,000 spins for every 1 that they take.

As a result, you need to play more, risk more than you usually would, and hope that they have a very short session. Of course, if you are the high roller, then it’s a different story and you have a huge advantage.

Where the second category is concerned, your stake doesn’t really matter. If you bet €0.10 and get a €1 return, you’ll get the same points as someone who bets €100 and get €1,000 in return.

Of course, that’s assuming that you can even bet as little as €0.10, as all real money slot tournaments have minimum wagering requirements. These must be met for your wager to qualify and your points to register.

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Best Yggdrasil Gaming Games

Yggdrasil has a style all of its own. It explores a lot of classic themes and uses big, bold, cartoon graphics to bring them to life. In many ways, it reminds us of Quickspin and Blueprint Gaming, two other top developers that we greatly appreciate, but it is much more prolific than the former and more cartoony than the latter.

The brand is best known for the Vikings series of games, including Vikings Go Wild, Vikings Go to Hell, and Vikings go Berzerk. These are the games that launched Yggdrasil into the big time, but they’re far from the only ones.

The developer has explored several other historical themes other the years, including Ancient Egypt (Tut’s Twister, Valley of the Gods), Rome (Champions of Rome), Middle Ages (Arthur’s Fortune), and the Victorian Era (Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine).

Alongside the aforementioned Vikings series, Champions of Rome is one of brand’s most popular titles. In recent years, it has achieved great success with the Dr. Fortuno series, including a slot machine and Blackjack game.

Dr. Fortuno is actually one of the brand’s few table games, along with Golden Chip Roulette, Sonya Blackjack, and Lucky Blackjack.

To give you an idea of what you can expect, take a look at these descriptions of our favourite Yggdrasil games:

Best Yggdrasil Games

In this Ancient Roman slot you are invited into the Coliseum, the entertainment capital of the ancient world. This is where countless warriors and animals fought for their lives and in Champions of Rome, you can choose your own warrior.

The one you choose will have an effect on your gaming journey and there are a host of features and gaming mechanics to explore.

A Japanese-themed slot that takes players back to a world of ninjas and samurais. There is an additional reel at the top and several features to unlock. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a huge leap forward for slot machine technology and explores a couple of innovative mechanics.
Fight on the big stage with several masked wrestlers. This game explores Mexican wrestling in all its flamboyant and acrobatic glory. You are introduced to several wrestlers and a selection of features. This slot has a maximum win of €360.000, a Medium-High volatility, and 20 paylines. It was launched back in 2018 and has proven to be one of the developer’s best titles.
A fun little game that has become one of the brand’s most-played slots. You can win a small fortune as you collect magical crystals, unlock features, and reveal many high paying symbols. It has a maximum win of €30,000, 20 paylines, and a low volatility.
Another slot with a big jackpot, this one takes players on a Sherlock Holmes adventure. Holmes has his faithful sidekick alongside and can scoop high-paying symbols, wild symbols, and more. It’s one of the developer’s older creations, having been launched in 2015, but it has a lot of potential, with an RTP of nearly 97% and a maximum win of €30,000.
We mentioned this slot above and if you’re looking for something original and stylish, it’s well worth a play. Dr. Fortuno is about a travelling carnival and its enigmatic leader. If you like what you see here, you can join the slot’s main protagonist in Dr. Fortuno Blackjack.
Travel to the world of ancient Greece, a world of myth and legend that gave birth to modern civilisation. Medusa is the famous snake-haired Gorgon who was killed by Perseus. In this slot, she is given a more heroic role and features alongside other monsters and heroes from Greek myth, all set against an island backdrop.
The ultimate battle of the gods. It’s Zeus versus Thor, Greek myth versus Norse myth. These were the two “thunder gods”, arguably the biggest, most powerful, and best known in their respective mythologies. The slot has dual reels and features an eclectic mix of Norse/Greek letters, gods, monsters and other imagery.
This is another Yggdrasil slot that explores Greek gods, but this time it’s the turn of Hades. Hades was the brother of Zeus and the king of the underworld. In some ways, he was the ancient equivalent of Satan, although in reality he was probably a little less evil! This is a fun take on one of the greatest mythological figures in history and it explores several unique themes.
Take a journey on a riverboat casino. There is a big jackpot on offer and a colourful cast of characters to meet. You can win over €200,000 on this slot, which has a volatility of Low-Medium, with 20 paylines.

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The Best Yggdrasil Gaming Casino

As you can see, there’s a lot to like about Yggdrasil and the brand’s roster and technology is growing all of the time.

If you’re looking for exciting casino games and a brand that’s always trying to innovate, checkout Yggdrasil today.

You can find all of the best Yggdrasil Gaming casinos right here. These casinos don’t just excel when it comes to real money slots, table games, and Live Casino games. They also have a multitude of bonuses, payment options, and accessibility options to peruse.

You can secure a Welcome Bonus, join a Loyalty Scheme, and start enjoying everything that this developer has created.