Booongo is not just a brand name that will drive your spellcheck crazy. It’s also one of the most exciting up-and-coming online casino developers in the industry. In this guide, we’ll look at the best Booongo casinos right now while also highlighting the brand’s many games, features, mechanics, and more.

If you’re wondering what Booongo is and why you’re seeing this brand more and more, take a look at this guide. If you’re ready to jump right in and start playing the latest Booongo slots, just visit one of the casinos listed at the top of this page.

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Booongo Slots

At the time of writing, Booongo has a total of 45 slots, and these span a wealth of different themes and include a number of features and mechanics. If you’re looking for a comparison, we tend to find that Booongo is on a similar level of mobile-first developer Thunderkick, another favourite of ours.

The games are not overly simple and there are no “filler” titles that offer only one, two, or three paylines and have nothing in the way of features or bonus rounds.

What are Booongo Slot’s Like?

As noted in many of our developer reviews, the majority of online games revolve around a few basic and repetitive themes. The most common of these is ancient Egypt, or ancient history in general.

We have lost count of how many games are based on the so-called “book of the dead” or on ancient Greek and Egyptian myth. We personally love history and can recite all the Gods of Olympus and all of their apparent powers, but we can’t help but roll our eyes every time we see a new slot based on Zeus or his many siblings.

If slots are not based on ancient history of myths and legends, they often use animal themes or revert to simple a “Fruits, Diamonds, and Numbers” formula. Once you realize this, you’ll never look at slots in the same way again.

Trust us—take a look at any online casino game’s room or developer roster and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

Booongo also backs up this theory. As noted above, there were 45 slots in total when we compiled this review. Of those, 29 are based on animals or history, and some include both.

That’s not a bad thing. They go with what works and what players want, and the research clearly suggests that players like these themes and are more than happy to play them.

What Makes Booongo Slots Unique?

Booongo, just like the exceptional Yggdrasil Gaming, has its own development program. Under this program, smaller development studios are given the freedom to create games that are then launched under the Booongo name.

It may sound like an unusual system, but it’s actually how most of the biggest studios operate. You could be forgiven for thinking that slots are very basic and, as a result, don’t require much development. After all, they don’t have the complicated mechanics or the advanced graphics found in video games.

But they are far from simple and, in some ways, they are even more complicated than video games. After all, while a video game needs to be checked for an age rating, a slot machine needs to undergo tests to determine whether it is safe and fair. It needs to be secure, and it needs to be made available across multiple platforms soon after it is launched.

In addition, while a small video game development studio typically launches one game every few years, an online casino developer needs to release at least half a dozen if it wants to keep pace with a rapidly growing industry. It’s competitive, and that places a lot of demand on its creators.

Development studios give brands like Booongo the means to grow and to compete, and they also ensure that players like yourself have a steady stream of high-quality games to play.

In terms of mechanics and features, Booongo has yet to adopt the Megaways mechanics from Big Time Gaming and it has yet to create entirely innovative features like Betsoft. However, it’s more than willing to explore new ideas every now and then.

As you’ll see from our Booongo slot reviews below, there are a few interesting features available, including a personal favourite of ours that makes an appearance on a Halloween themed slot.

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The Best Booongo Slots

Now that you know what makes Booongo tick, only one question remains, what are the best Booongo slots? It all depends on your preference and what you’re looking for in a game, but we have highlighted some of our personal favourite below to help to pick your favourite titles.

Halloween Witch

Halloween slots are a guilty pleasure of ours. We love horror films and while many of these slots are pretty tame and cartoony in nature, we also love Tim Burton and it seems that most of these slots are based on his work and on films like Nightmare Before Christmas.

Such is the case with Booongo’s Halloween Witch. It takes place inside a dark and gloomy graveyard that is lit by Jack o Lanterns and all the other trappings of this spooky season.

The reels are hung from metal chains and littered with symbols that include talking hats, black cats, monsters, and more. In general, everything looks great, but there’s much more to it than that and the game itself is also brilliant structured and styled, including fast-moving reels, a Free Spin feature and a Bonus round.

There is also a Re-spin feature and this is what makes Halloween Witch such a unique title. After every spin, you can choose to re-spin any of the game’s five reels. You will be charged a small sum for each of these spins and that sum changes depending on the positioning of the reel and how important it is for your spin.

The more likely it is to produce a major payout, the more expensive it will be. It reminds us of the brilliant Wild Gambler slot, which was created by the Playtech-owned Ash Gaming. But just like Wild Gambler, it’s very easy to lose a lot of money in a short period of time. So, don’t get too carried away, make sure you pay attention to how much each spin is costing you, and if this method isn’t working out, return to taking normal spins.

Poisoned Apple 1 & 2

Booongo has released a few slot series over the years and Poisoned Apple is one of our personal favourites. There are only two games, so we’re not sure that it actually constitutes a “series”, but maybe we’ll see more in the future.

The sequel is the better of the two. It reminds us of an IGT game called Miss White, which was accompanied by Miss Red, two very similar games that share some of the same elements as Poisoned Apple.

Unfortunately, the unique expanding payline feature on Miss White and Miss Red isn’t available here, but there are other things to get excited about.

For instance, Booongo has a Free Spins feature that is activated when you reveal three of the Apple Scatter symbols. And if you find yourself getting increasingly frustrated by the absence of this bonus round, you can select the Buy Bonus feature and unlock it right away!

The “Buy Bonus” feature, just like the re-spin feature highlighted above, needs to be used lightly. It’s very easy to lose a lot of money with features like this.

The most important thing to remember is that buying a bonus doesn’t guarantee you will win any money. We’ve all had those frustrating bonus rounds where you expect a huge win and walk away with nothing, and that can happen here as well.

Christmas Charm

While we love Halloween-themed slots, we typically don’t extend the same appreciation to Christmas-themed slots. Call us cynical, but these games always seem to be cheaply made, overly tacky, and pretty generic.

And we love Christmas, so if we feel that way, we can’t imagine how people who hate Christmas will feel about these games!

Fortunately, Christmas Charm bucks the trend. It’s much more than a cheap and tacky token gesture to the jolliest season of them all. It’s very cosy and cute and is set inside a Christmassy household. If you’re playing this before the festive season—perfect! There is no better way to celebrate the holidays. If not, it’ll make you nostalgic for those cosy Christmases you had as a kid.

It’s not just about aesthetics, either. Christmas Charm features one of our perfect favourite in-game mechanics, and one that we have discussed many times in the past.

Known as Cascading Reels (it’s also referred to as Avalanche by NetEnt and used on Gonzo’s Quest), this feature eradicates all winning symbols and replaces them with new ones. If those new symbols form another winning payline, they will also disappear, and this process will repeat for as long as those symbols form.

What’s more, the multiplier increases with every new win, adding more coins to your balance.

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12 Animals

Booongo has many good animal-themed slots, but 12 Animals is our personal favourite. It has a cartoony aesthetic with a comical edge. It’s very easy on the eye and has a polished finish overlain with bold colours and calming animations.

More importantly, Booongo features a Locked Symbols mechanic. Every time you secure a winning payline, the symbols will lock in place and all of the others will spin. If more winning symbols appear, either as a new payline or attached to the previous one, they will also lock in place for another spin.

It’s a feature that we love almost as much as Cascading Reels and it’s one that has featured on some of our favourite slots, including the excellent Jack Hammer by Playtech. If you have ever played that game, you’ll know exactly what to expect.

The problem with Jack Hammer, however, is that the payouts aren’t great, the bonus round can be disappointing, and the volatility is very high. As a result, it’s very easy to get frustrated with the game, even when you’re on what seems to be a winning streak.

We didn’t have the same issues with 12 Animals from Booongo. Not only do many of the symbols have multipliers attached, but it also felt a little more generous. What’s more, there is a Free Spins feature that constantly gives you something to play toward and hope for, and that helps to keep things interesting.

Book of Sun

Play’n GO’s Book of Dead is one of the biggest, most popular, and most promoted slots of the last few years, so it’s no surprise to see that many developers have tried to replicate it, including creators like NextGen. We get the feeling that Book of Sun is one such title, as well, but it’s far from a direct copy and has many features and mechanics of its own for you to explore.

It’s a very simple and streamlined game and while it’s not as impressive as the other Booongo games listed above, it still has a lot to offer.

Playson FAQ's

Booongo meets the strict rules imposed on it by the world’s biggest regulators. It is very safe and fair, ensuring that every bet you make and every spin you take is secure and fair.
Most casinos offer free play options, giving you a chance to explore the mechanics and features without risking a penny. If you can’t find these on the actual casinos, you can visit the Booongo website and play them there instead.
We have no idea. We wish we could provide more information than that and we’ve tried to find (for our own personal curiosity as well as this article) and we can’t find an answer. Our best guess is that it’s some version of Bongo with a few extra “o’s” thrown in to make it unique and ensure it stands out in Google searches.

After all, one of the most important things for a modern brand is to have a name that won’t be confused with any other company and will always point directly to you, and Booongo definitely ticks that box.

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