A staple in the lives of the older generation, bingo has had a strange reputation. Historically, it has been considered as a game played by older people in retirement homes or murky, smoky, bingo halls.

Best Bingo Sites to Play for Cash in 2018

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And it’s not something typically associated with casinos or any other gambling environment. However, when the online gambling revolution came, bingo went through a revival and captured a global audience.

These days online bingo is even more popular than offline bingo, and it has one of the most varied fan bases of any gambling game.

Bingo is fun, there are big wins and big prizes on offer, and the best online bingo rooms make an experience of it, with chat rooms, bonuses, mini-games and more.

In this guide we’ll look at those features and others like them, discovering just why online bingo has become so popular, and telling you all that you need to know to get the most out of this great game.

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All there is to know about Real Money Online Bingo

online bingo is a popular inline casino gameThere are any great bingo sites out there, and as bingo rooms are common additions to all gambling sites (from sports books to online casinos) it is more common than any other game. Luckily, we have played and reviewed most of these so that you don’t have to. To see what we voted as the very best casino sites.

How to Play Bingo

Bingo is very easy to play, especially online. Once you find your game you just need to decide how many tickets to buy.

There will be a maximum limit, and you can also buy just 1. You will then need to wait for the game to begin, usually dictated by a timer that counts down.

Once the game begins a series of numbers will be drawn, and every time one of those numbers matches one on your ticket, it will be crossed off. If you get a line of numbers before anyone else, you win a small amount.

If you get 2 lines you win another small amount, and the biggest amount goes to the person who fills their card before anyone else.

Certain online games will have other features added. As an example, the Deal or no Deal slot will give all players a box before the game begins and if you win, you will be made an offer for this box.

You can take the offer as an extra cash bonus, or you can take your chances, open your box and potentially get even more.

Can I Get a Bonus Playing Bingo?

Bonuses are as essential to online real money bingoBonuses are as essential to online bingo as they are to any other gambling game. They are everywhere, so you really are missing out if you don’t get one when you signup to a new site.

Bonuses differ from one site to the next and there are many different bonus types. Matched deposit bonuses work the best for bingo, but free ticket bonuses are also great when used in conjunction with another bonus.

To learn more about the best and worst bonuses, and to discover where to find them, checkout our extensive guide on Casino Bonuses.

Top 5 Tips for Playing Bingo

Look at the Stats

Bingo games vary greatly, and it’s important to pay attention to the differences. For instance, one game might only have a few players, and if it has a ticket price of $1 and a jackpot of just $20 or so, then it’s not worth the effort.

If, however, the amount in the pot is at least 100x the ticket price and is still growing, it could be worth joining.

Stack up the Tickets

You will be given the opportunity to buy a lot of tickets. There is often a fixed limit, but this is usually quite high.

You should always look to buy as many tickets as possible, but only within reason. Don’t buy too many tickets if there is a limited pot and a limited number of players, otherwise the money you’ll be trying to win will already be yours.

Choose the Big Games

Bingo is a game of chance, and while you will have more of a chance to win the smaller games that have fewer players, you won’t win a lot of money from those casino games.

Instead, you should be aiming for the big games, the ones that have hundreds or even thousands of players. Buy as many tickets as you can and take your chances, because if you win a game like this, then you’ll be set for a spending spree like no other.


Bingo sites, just like online casinos, are more than willing to throw free money, free tickets and more at players.

These sites make a lot of money and unlike other gambling sites, it’s all commission, which means it’s assured profit. They don’t need you to lose to earn a profit. This means they have a lot of expendable cash floating around and are more than happy to use some of it to attract new players, in the form of casino bonuses. such as free spin or no deposit bonus, among others.

Get Involved

Bingo is a communal experience. You are playing against other players, but there is no real competition and you’re all in it together. Get involved, chat to the other players and stay active in the chat rooms.

It will improve the experience for you, and you might just make a few new friends.

Pros of Online vs Offline Bingo


Bingo is a rarity in the gambling world, because it is one of the few games where you can win big, and not realize it. If you fail to mark your ticket and don’t realize you have won, then you lose. Simple as that.

That just doesn’t happen in games like real money blackjack or roulette or many other cash games. But it also doesn’t happen in online bingo, because everything is automated. Even if you don’t realize you have won, the system will and it will credit you with that win automatically.

Multiple Tickets

For many players, especially those who are new to the game, the best thing about online bingo versus offline bingo is the fact that they can buy dozens of tickets, and not have to worry about marking them all. In offline bingo you’re short on time and simply can’t mark more than a few cards, but with online bingo there are no such limitations.


Few casinos or bingo halls will offer you bonuses for offline games. They have to pay for the room and the time, and they can only run a small number of games per day or per evening. Their profit margins are therefore very small, so they can’t afford to give money away. Online bingo, however, has no such limitations and the profit margins are huge, which is why they offer such substantial bonuses.

Cons of Online vs Offline Bingo


Although it is possible to chat with other players online, there are many players who prefer the face-to-face interaction and the community spirit offered in offline bingo games. After all, bingo halls are like community centers for many people in small towns, and this doesn’t always transfer to the online environment.

What are the Best Deposit and Withdrawal Options for Online Bingo?

It all depends on your location and a number of other factors, but there are no shortage of options available to you. These include everything from PayPal and other web wallets, to wire transfers (typically used by players in the United States) debit cards, credit cards, Bitcoin which is great for casino players and many more.

We have discussed these options at length on our casino deposit and withdrawal guide. This is a must read if you are a little uncertain about which method is best for you and whether or not a certain method is available in your country.


online bingo can easily be a mobile gameCan I Play Bingo on my Mobile?

Yes! And it’s just as much fun. There are many games of bingo available for mobile devices, and in most cases if you can play it on your desktop or laptop, then you can also play it on your tablet or smartphone.

The mobile gambling market is bigger than ever, with more people using these devices to gamble, and the developers are doing all they can to cater for those increased numbers.

online bingo is not only a game of chanceIs Bingo Random?

Bingo is entirely random. It uses a random number generator, which is an algorithm that runs a complex calculation to determine every number that is drawn.

This algorithm can not be manipulated by the player or casino, and even if it could, the casino makes the same profit regardless of the outcome (they take a percentage from each game) and therefore have no interest in the outcome.

there is no strategy when it comes to real money bingoWhat is the Best Bingo Strategy?

There is no definitive strategy for beating bingo, simply because it can not be beaten. You need to be lucky to get the better of this game. However, there are ways you can improve your chances. Firstly, always join late, and determine how many tickets to buy based on how many people have joined before you and how much money is in the pot.

You should also keep an eye out for games that have “guaranteed’ prizes, which is where the casino or bingo rooms put some money into the pot. They add a set amount and they expect that amount to be covered. That isn’t always the case though, particularly at off-peak times and with the less popular games.

In such cases the odds are in your favor and you should look to purchase more tickets to take advantage.

when it comes to online bingo the casino cant be beatenCan Bingo be Beaten?

There is no way you can beat the game. You can get lucky and you can win big, but there is no way to guarantee this will happen.

However, if you fancy yourself as a lucky person and if you find the right site and the right game, then who knows what will happen?

you can play online bingo on online casino that work with the usCan I Play Bingo Online in the US?

Although online gambling sites are not as widely available to players in the United States as they are to players in Europe and elsewhere, they do exist. To operate legally these casinos need to be based outside of the United States and they need to follow the rules and regulations of the country in which they reside.

In many cases, casinos that appeal to US players are based in Central American countries such as Costa Rica.

You should always check your local laws before signing up to an online casino, or any other gambling site.

there is a variety of good online casino software for bingo playersWhat is the Best Bingo Software?

Bingo is available on bingo sites, online casinos and sports books. It’s literally everywhere. In our opinion, the online casinos offer the best experience with the biggest bonuses.

In such cases the bingo software is supplied by developers like Playtech and Microgaming. These are two of the biggest names in the online gambling industry, and they also supply software to sports books and other gambling sites.

play bingo at real money online casinosWhere are the Best Places to Play Bingo Online?

Look for online casinos that use the Microgaming software or the Playtech software, and always ensure you find one that offers a big bonus. We have reviewed many of the new, and most of the best (and the worst) sites out there and have compiled a list of the very best here to make your life easier.

Have a look through to find the ones that suit you, but remember that most of them use the same software, so the differences between one site and the next are the customer support and the bonuses, and not necessarily the games themselves.


Bingo is an exciting game with a great community spirit. It’s a simple game, and one that anyone can play, but at the same time there is a wealth of opportunity, with so many different features, bonuses and more available.

That’s why online bingo has taken off over the last few years and why this is one of the most popular ways to gamble online.