In this guide we will take a look at the world of online slots, which is one of the biggest industries in the world of online gambling, and one that attracts tens of millions of players every month. Online slots are easy to play, there are thousands of them on the market and the fact that you can win a small fortune with the click of a mouse is something that all gamblers can get excited about.

Play Online Slots Best Sites and Win Real Money

  • 1
    100% Bonus Up To 5BTC Welcome Package! T&Cs;' Apply - 18+ Payout Ratio: 98.623%
    Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, BetSoft, Play'n GO & Man
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    100% Bonus Up To 800£ Big Welcome Package. Ts & Cs Apply. Payout Ratio: 98.12%
  • 3
    100% Bonus Up To 500€ T&Cs; Apply - 18+ Payout Ratio: 97.82%
  • 4
    100% Bonus Up To 250£ T&Cs; Apply - 18+ Payout Ratio: 97.76%
    Microgaming, NetEnt
  • 5
    100% Bonus Up To 1,000€ Ts & Cs Apply. Payout Ratio: 97.12%
    NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Amaya
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    100% Bonus Up To 250£ Welcome Package! T&Cs; Apply - 18+ Payout Ratio: 98.765%
  • 7
    100% Bonus Up To 600£ Three Matched Deposit Bonuses. Ts & Cs Apply. Payout Ratio: 97.29%
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    100% Bonus Up To 1,000£ Free Cash & 200 Spins. Ts & Cs Apply. Payout Ratio: 97.88%
    Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming
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    100% Bonus Up To 200£ Matched Deposit Bonus + Free Spins. Ts & Cs Apply. Payout Ratio: 96.98%
    Microgaming, NetEnt, Nyx Interactive, Play'n GO, Quickspin
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    100% Bonus Up To 1,000$ +50 Free Spins And Free Cash. Ts And Cs Apply. Payout Ratio: 97.23%
    Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming

In this guide we’ll look at the best online slots and the best slot developers, as well as ways you can win more and lose less playing them. There are many great online casinos out there that have an extensive list of slots available.

*There are many other games you can play online for real money other than slots. See below our recommended list of games to choose from:

How to Play Slots in 2020?

Slots are very easy to play and in many cases they are automated and can be played without your assistance. The only thing you need to do is select how many lines you want to play, how much you want to spend per line and whether or not you want to include optional extras (such as wild reels, nudges, holds and more).

After that you just need to press “Spin” or click the “Auto-play” option, and the reels will start turning.

From there you can sit back and watch, and in most cases the game will play out before your eyes. In some cases you will need to get involved. This is the case with some bonus slots and video slots, where you will be asked to make selections, to choose from certain bonus round features, and to get involved in other ways.

The degree of interactivity changes from slot to slot, but they are becoming more interactive, more immersive and more reliant on your attention. Such is the case with games such as Beehive Reactors, where the bonus round is a side-scrolling mini-game where you fly, hop, jump and collect coins like you would in an old Nintendo game.

Online Slots for Real Money is a Great Way to Play

Can I Get a Bonus Playing Real Money Slots?

Slots are the biggest earners for online casinos, just as they are the biggest earners for offline casinos. This means that the best bonuses tend to be geared towards the slots, with free spins, matched deposit bonuses and more.

These are often available to new members only, but as discussed in our Casino Bonuses guide, you will also find occasional slot bonuses that loyal players can take advantage of.

Top 5 Tips for Playing Slots for Cash


Slots are all about luck, so the main thing you can do to make life easier for yourself is ensure that you bankroll properly. A bankroll is an amount of money that you have put aside to gamble with.

If you win then you top it up, but if you lose you do not. Proper bankrolling will ensure that you only lose what you can afford to lose and that you don’t get into any problems with your gambling.


As slots are all about luck, it’s important to take as many free spins and free cash as you can get. This way you’re playing with someone else’s money and are pocketing the profits. We have written about casino bonuses to a great extent on this guide and elsewhere, and this is something that you should pay close attention to.

Return to Player

All slots have something known as a Return to Player average, which is displayed as a percentage. This is a good indicator of how generous a slot is, but it’s not the by all and end all. Do not invest too much into the RTP of a slot. Just because one slot is 97.65% and the other is 97.70%, doesn’t mean you should completely dismiss the former in favor of the latter.

take a look at online slot games and what they have to offer

The differences here are so slight that the luck factor will render them completely redundant. However, you should dismiss games that are less than 90%, and should only really aim for games that are above 95%.


Just as you shouldn’t put too much emphasis on the RTP, you shouldn’t emphasize progressive jackpots either. The other payouts, bonus features and even the RTP are often reduced to make room for the progressive jackpot and to ensure that the casino makes a healthy profit from the game.

This is not great if you’re looking to play the odds and to ensure you have a good chance of winning. After all, a progressive jackpot is a lottery in more ways than one. It can change your life if you win, but it’s also a 1 in a million chance.

Bonus Features

The best games for cash winnings are the ones that have random bonus features, free spin rounds and more added to them. These games throw-up a lot of surprises, they are very entertaining to play and a big win is never too far away.

Games like South Park and Reels of Chaos, both based on the popular animated TV series, are perfect examples of games that offer many bonus features and many big winning opportunities.

Pros of Online vs Offline Slots

Online slot games are a fan favorite in most casinosBonuses

There are bigger and better bonuses online than you will find offline. These range from free spin bonuses, to matched deposit bonuses and more, many of which are just not practical in a land-based casino setting.


Offline casinos are limited by space. Even the biggest casinos only have room for a few thousand slot machines, and while this sounds like a sizable number, you have to consider that they stock hundreds of the same game, which means that even big casinos will only have a few dozen games to choose from. What’s more, when new games come in, the old ones go out, and your favorite game might disappear.

This doesn't happen with top online casinos, where there are hundreds of games to choose from, where there is never a limit to how many people can play one game, and where old games never disappear.


All gamblers will know the joy of sitting in their own home and gambling until their heart’s content. Gamblers often prefer the peace and solitude, and this just isn’t possible in a casino setting. With online gambling, however, you can gamble where you want, and at what time you want.

Cons of Online vs Offline Slots


For fans of classic slots, of the noise and the feel of the machines, you just can’t beat land-based casinos.


While online games tend to offer more features, it is becoming common for offline casinos to introduce large video slots that offer a wealth of interactivity.

What are the Best Deposit and Withdrawal Options for Real Money Online Slots in 2020?

Which method you choose is purely a matter of preference, although you will sometimes be offered an extra bonus if you deposit via a certain method. We have discussed this in greater detail on our deposits and withdrawal guide.


mobiles are the best way to play online slots gamesCan I Play Slots on my Mobile?

Of course! Mobiles are the best way to play slots, and there is no shortage of slots out there that have been created for the mobile market. In fact, there are currently more mobile users than desktop users, which is why the biggest developers have spent a lot of time and money catering for this market, and it is why you will never be short of options when using your tablet or your smartphone, iPhone, or Android.

slots are random and cannot be cheatedAre Slots Random?

Slots use random number generators that are audited on a regular basis to check for randomness. They are legitimate, safe and secure, and there is no way they can be manipulated by the casino. There is no need for them to do so either.

Simply put, slot machines are weighted in favor of the house, and while one or two players might win in the short term, the casino will always win in the long-term. There is no need for them to cheat the system or their players, because they make more than enough money by being fair and honest.

find a online slot game that has a high RTP and a game that offers bonus featuresWhat is the Best Strategy for Online Slots for cash?

The best thing you can do is find a game that has a high RTP and a game that offers a lot of bonus features. You then need to ensure that you have a solid bankroll, and that you take advantage of a large deposit and/or a loyalty scheme.

Only once these things are in place should you take your first spin, after which there is nothing you can do but cross your fingers and hope that Lady Luck is smiling down on you.

Slots are all about luck, and while there are “strategies” out there for beating them, you should take all of these with a punch of salt. There is no way to consistently beat an online slot unless you have the code and/or are doing something highly illegal.

because slots is a game of chance you cannot beat the gameCan Slots be Beaten?

You can win money playing online slots. A lot of money. However, unlike games of poker and blackjack, it is not possible to beat them consistently. Simply put, slots are random, and unless you’ve managed to break the code, there is no way you can win time and time again without relying on luck.

Online slot games are available in online casinos for AmericansCan I Play Slots Online in the US?

Online casinos are still available to players in the United States, even if that doesn’t always seem to be the case. The law has made it difficult, but there is nothing they can do to stop sites that are based overseas and are allowing US customers to join, as those sites are abiding by the laws of the countries in which they reside.

You will find, however, that sites appealing to US players will not offer credit cards, debit cards or web wallets as payment methods. These are tightly controlled and it is very difficult to get online gambling money through these methods either as a deposit or a withdrawal. You can use wire transfers, money transfers and even e-checks though, and these are often just as easy, although they are a little less convenient.

You should always check your local laws before signing up to an online casino, or any other gambling site.

BetSoft is one of the best online slot games softwareWhat is the Best Slots Software?

The first online slots were created by Microgaming, and they remain as one of the better providers to this day. They are the creators behind slots such as Playboy, Game of Thrones and Jurassic Park. The most well known slots are listed under the Playtech name. These include South Park, Ghostbusters, Chain Reactors and many other top titles. However, one of the most exciting slot developers out there is BetSoft, who produce the best-looking 3D slots we have never seen.

Other slot software includes Realtime Gaming, also known by the abbreviation RTG. However, this works a little differently to the developers mentioned above. Microgaming, Playtech or BetSoft slot is given a set RTP/House Edge when it is created, and this RTP/House Edge will remain in place regardless of the casino.

However, with RTG they let their licensees tweak the payouts, which means they can reduce or increase the RTP/House Edge as they see fit. Most casinos do not abuse this setup, but there are a handful that do. If you are truly intrested in the software read our online casino software guide.

the best place to play slots online is dependent in what your looking for in your game experienceWhere are the Best Places to Play Real Money Slots Online?

Playtech casinos are worth a visit, while Microgaming have the biggest selection and also release new slots at a greater rate than any of their competitors. As mentioned above though, BetSoft are one of the best out there.


Online slots offer one of the most exciting, exhilarating gambling experiences you can have, which is why so many millions of gamblers prefer these machines over all of the card games, table games and lotteries in the world.