A loyalty scheme is one of the rarest, but one of the most exciting and generous bonuses that a casino can offer, and one that we will take a comprehensive look at in this guide.

Here are top casinos that offers Loalty Bonuses:

  • 1
    100% Bonus Up To 250£ Welcome Package! T&Cs; Apply - 18+ Payout Ratio: 98.765%
  • 2
    100% Bonus Up To 5BTC Or 500 Euros - Welcome Package! T&Cs;' Apply - 18+ Payout Ratio: 98.623%
    Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, BetSoft, Play'n GO & Man
  • 3
    100% Bonus Up To 1,000€ T&Cs; Apply - 18+ Payout Ratio: 98.45%
    Microgaming, NetEnt, Betsoft, Aristocrat
  • 4
    100% Bonus Up To 100€ Welcome Bonus + 100 Free Spins!, T &C Apply, 18+ Payout Ratio: 97.89%
    Microgaming, NetEnt, NextGen, ELK
  • 5
    100% Bonus Up To 1,000€ Ts & Cs Apply. Payout Ratio: 97.12%
    NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Amaya
  • 6
    100% Bonus Up To 100£ Free Spins And Free Cash. Ts And Cs Apply. Payout Ratio: 96.29%
    Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Nyx Interactive, Play'n
  • 7
    100% Bonus Up To 1,000€ T&Cs; Apply - 18+ Payout Ratio: 98.79%
  • 8
    100% Bonus Up To 50€ Ts & Cs Apply. Payout Ratio: 96%
    NetEnt, Betsoft, NextGen Gaming, Playson
  • 9
    100% Bonus Up To 750€ T&Cs; Apply - 18+ Payout Ratio: 96.91%
  • 10
    100% Bonus Up To 500€ Matched Deposit Bonus And Free Spins. Ts & Cs Apply. Payout Ratio: 96.2%

What is a Loyalty Scheme?

These schemes go by many different names, and it all depends on the casino or the industry. For instance, many poker players and blackjack players refer to them as “Rakeback” schemes, but in an actual casino, they are known as Rebates.

Learn about Loyalty Programs

To put it simply, it is a scheme that allows you to collect points every time you play, before you then convert these points into cash or prizes. There is no set way of doing things, so how you earn points, how much they are worth and what you can purchase with them differs from one casino to the next. Also, the majority of online casinos simply do not offer these promotions and it has become the norm for many gambling sites not to have them. We don’t believe this is right, and we think that the casinos that offer these schemes should be applauded and celebrated. In this guide we’ll tell you all that you need to know about reward/loyalty schemes, but we’ll also point you to the casinos that offer them. That way we hope to increase the support they receive and to hopefully make these schemes commonplace once more. You can fine more great onlinee bonuses here.

Best Rakeback Casinos

As we said above, there is a shortage of casinos that offer these schemes, but they certainly exist. We have searched the web to find the best ones, and while we have dismissed a lot of good casinos on the way, ones that tick many boxes but don’t offer these bonuses, we have also rejected a lot of bad ones. In the end, we ended up with a list of casinos that do reward you for loyalty, casinos that offer a lot and casinos that warrant your attention. You can click here to see that list.

How to Use a Loyalty Scheme

Several ways to use loyalty scheme

To get the most out of a loyalty scheme, you simply need to play as you would usually do. The more you bet and the more you play, the more points you will earn. However, this is a very gradual process and you should not increase the amount that you bet just to get more loyalty points. Instead, just focus on your game, focus on winning as much money as you can, and then consider anything you earn through these schemes as a nice extra. The more you bet, the more attention you should pay to the loyalty scheme, but if you bet with small amounts, it’s best just to drop-in and check it every now and then, and not to get too caught up in how many points you have earned.

There are exceptions of course, and those apply to loyalty schemes that have many different levels and offer you more free cash, better bonuses and a greater return when you climb higher. In cases where you are close to another level and when the timeframe is about to reset for you to make that level, you should look to increase your gambling and to make that extra push. The extra benefits you get from this could be huge, especially in the longterm.

Do All Casinos Offer These Schemes?

No, and when it comes to the many different bonuses out there, from no-deposit bonuses, to matched deposit bonuses like here, and others, this is the one that you will encounter the least. This was not always the case, and in the early days of online casinos they were more prevalent. This was because the online world wanted to replicate the offline world, and such schemes, often known as “Casino Perks”, were very popular in that environment.

However, these days, other bonuses have begun to take over. Casinos seem more interested in short-term profits — creating a turnstile of players coming in and out — than they are in schemes aimed at loyal players. There are still a handful of casinos that stay true to the old ways though, and there is a chance that as casinos look for players that will stay for the long-term, they will make a return.

5 Tips for Using a Loyalty Scheme

  • Climb the VIP levels using loyalty program
    Climb the Levels: It is very rare to find a loyalty scheme that does not have several different levels to it, and the higher up in the levels you go, the more you will earn. In these cases, the first level rarely pays a lot, but the final ones do. So, do all you can to climb, and to make it to the final levels. Not only will you get more points every time you play, but you’ll be able to convert these into bigger prizes.
  • Don’t Get Caught Up: Don’t pay too much attention to your point total and to the scheme, especially if you are a low-stake player. Doing so may force you to risk more money than you can afford to risk, all in an effort to get extra points.
  • Save up your points to get the best loyalty scheme
    Save: You might be tempted to spend your points on the first prize that you can afford, but they are very rarely worth it. Instead, save up your points and look to spend them only when you can get something worthwhile. In other words, don’t blow them on a cheap phone case when you could save for an actual phone
  • Happy Hour: Many loyalty schemes will have a time when you can earn more money. This may be during off-peak times, so that the casino can convince more people to play during the downtimes. It be may for an hour or two on the weekend. Whenever it is, always look to play then.
  • High odds will allow you play more
    High Odds: Some games will return more loyalty points than others, some will simply make it easier to earn them. For instance, playing roulette won’t give you big odds and you could lose a lot of money very quickly. But playing certain slots, as well as games of blackjack or poker, will give you a high rate of return and will allow you to prolong your play and to earn more loyalty points than you usually would.

The Upsides to a Loyalty Scheme

  • Online casino reward with loyalty scheme
    Reward: The main upside to this bonus is that it is one of the few ones that reward you for staying loyal to the casino.
  • Professional Gambling: Another big benefit is the fact that grinders and professional gamblers can top-up their earnings at the end of an extended session. And if you are level or slightly down at the end of play, the money earned through this scheme may be enough to put you into the black.
  • VIP: If you gamble big and frequently in an offline casino, then they may comp you for free rooms, drinks, food and even event tickets. And this is what loyalty schemes replicate in the online world, making you feel like a true VIP.

The Downsides to a Loyalty Scheme

  • Going downsides to loyalty scheme
    Going the Distance: Even if you bet big, you’re not going to profit from these schemes if you only stay for the short-term. That might be the case with other bonuses, but you need to be committed to going the distance to profit from these schemes.
  • Size: You might have your eye on the big prizes and you might think that time is all you need to get there, but the truth is that if you bet small and you play infrequently, then such prizes are an impossibility.

FAQs About Loyalty Schemes

Are They Available on Mobile Devices?

Loyalty scheme availbale now on mobile and tablet device

Of course. Loyalty schemes work on any and all platforms, and it should not matter whether you are playing on the desktop software or on the mobile software. In all cases, you will simply need to login to your account and play available games in order to start unlocking points. However, not all mobile apps or mobile websites list details of the loyalty scheme, so you may have to log into the casino’s main website in order to see how far you have progressed, and to unlock prizes.

Are They Available in the US?

US casinos exploit loopholes in order to provide gambling services to US players. They are rarely based in the US and often follow the rules and regulations of another country. In many cases they are based in Costa Rica, Panama and other Central American locations.

The issue is that these casinos are few and far between, which means the competition is not as fierce. This means that they don’t need to offer such big bonuses, and because loyalty schemes are some of the rarest bonuses, they rarely make an appearance in casinos that allow US players. Of course, they do still exist, you just have to work harder to find them.

Can I Get Other Bonuses As Well?

One of the many beauties of loyalty schemes is that they are not affected by other bonuses, and you should be able to pickup any other promotions that the casino offers. In fact, these bonuses can be a great way of building points in the loyalty scheme, because by the time you have played through a matched deposit bonus, burning through the free cash and your deposit, and then unlocking the play-through rate, you might have earned enough reward points to pickup some prizes or some additional free cash.

How do I Build Points?

Build points and get loyalty points

You build points simply by playing. Certain casinos will also offer extra milestones and challenges, and they will give you an injection of points if you reach these. They can range from making a deposit with a certain method, to playing a certain new game. There are also occasional “Happy Hours”, where you can earn more points than you usually would, and some games may also give you more than others. However, in most cases the points correspond to a dollar amount, which means that for every “x” amount of dollars you gamble (win or lose) you will earn “x” amount of points.

What’s more, the best loyalty schemes offer several levels, and the more you earn, the higher you will go. In these cases you can earn more points by being part of the later levels.

What Can I Buy With my Loyalty Points?

It all depends on the casino, but there is no shortage of options. Some gambling sites like to hand out free tournament tickets, free bets, free spins, and that sort of thing. As you earn more points and climb up the ladder, they will begin to offer you everything from smartphones and tickets to sporting events, to cars. It sounds far fetched, and most players will simply not reach this amount, but certain high rollers do, and if you’re gambling hundreds of thousands of dollars in a day, a free iPhone is not going to entice you.

Can I Cash-in my Reward Points?

It is very rare that a casino will allow you to do this, and we for one have not encountered anywhere that does. As is often the case with reward schemes, the points carry a minimal value and are only worth something when you reach certain milestones and cash them in for certain prizes. So, whilst some milestones might give you cash rewards, it is very rare that you will be able to cash-in your points before you reach them.

How do Casinos Profit from Loyalty Schemes?

Loyalty bonus are great

Unlike other bonuses, where the casino is hoping the player burns through the free cash and then deposits some more, with a loyalty scheme they are profiting simply because the player is continuing to use their services. In the long-run, the house will always win, and usually by a large amount. When you consider that you need to bet big in order to generate big prizes, you can safely assume that you’re also giving the casino a lot of money, more than enough to cover the costs of the free cash and prizes they give you.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the house will always beat you, and you could be on a sizable profit even when they’re giving you free stuff. But even if a few players win, the majority will not, and this is what they rely on.


We literally have nothing bad to say about loyalty schemes and if we had our way, they would be included on every online casino, poker room, bingo site and sports book out there. Unfortunately, that is not the case and they are very rare. However, as players we can change that. We can vote with our feet and leave the sites that don’t have them for the sites that do. If we do this enough times then loyalty schemes will become the norm and this industry will change for the better. This is a loyalty scheme revolution, and if you love online casinos, you need to jump onboard.