In this section we will take a look at the mobile market, at the devices that distract us and give us so much joy, and at the casinos, the software and the sites that make use of them.

The Best Online Casinos for your Mobile

  • 1
    100% Bonus Up To 250£ Welcome Package! T&Cs; Apply - 18+ Payout Ratio: 98.765%
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    100% Bonus Up To 5BTC Or 500 Euros - Welcome Package! T&Cs;' Apply - 18+ Payout Ratio: 98.623%
    Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, BetSoft, Play'n GO & Man
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    100% Bonus Up To 100€ Welcome Bonus + 100 Free Spins!, T &C Apply, 18+ Payout Ratio: 97.89%
    Microgaming, NetEnt, NextGen, ELK
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    100% Bonus Up To 1,000€ Ts & Cs Apply. Payout Ratio: 97.12%
    NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Amaya
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    100% Bonus Up To 1,000€ T&Cs; Apply - 18+ Payout Ratio: 98.45%
    Microgaming, NetEnt, Betsoft, Aristocrat
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    125% Bonus Up To 0$ Welcome Bonus + 200 Free Spins! T & C Apply, 18+ Payout Ratio: 98.89%
    NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Betsoft, ISoftBet, Yggdrasil Gaming
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    100% Bonus Up To 500€ Matched Deposit Bonus. Ts & Cs Apply. Payout Ratio: 96%
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    150% Bonus Up To 200$ Up To $200. 1.5X Bonus. Ts & Cs Apply. Payout Ratio: 97.65%
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    100% Bonus Up To 800$ Big Matched Deposit. Ts & Cs Apply. Payout Ratio: 97.61%
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    100% Bonus Up To 350$ Get Two Deposit Bonuses. Ts & Cs Apply. Payout Ratio: 97%

We will discuss mobile gambling on the whole, whilst also looking at the best casinos, the best devices and the best casino games for the mobile user. 

The mobile gambling market is no longer occupied by just a handful of sites and software, and these days mobile users have as much choice as desktop users do. What’s more, this industry is constantly growing, and it seems like a matter of time before mobile users have even more choice than desktop users.

If you have been left behind by the mobile revolution, then it’s time you caught up, and in this guide we will help you to do just that.

About Mobile Casinos

with more mobile users you can now find every mobile casino game onlineThese days it seems like everyone has at least one smartphone and at least one tablet, with many households owning multiple devices. That’s because these devices have never been cheaper, and there has never been so much variety to choose from.

In the early days, if you wanted a smartphone then you had to pay a small fortune for an iPhone. You were in the minority, the envy of your peers, but you also struggled to find compatible websites and apps, and it was nearly impossible to find online casinos that were ready to cater for you.

These days there are more mobile users than there are desktop users; every site, software and app is compatible with mobile use, and online gambling has never been easier or more enjoyable.

How you play and what you play is up to you, but there are thousands of slot machines, hundreds of table games, dozens of poker rooms, and a great deal more to choose from.

You can play for free and for fun, tossing the chips with your friends over games of poker on FaceBook, clocking up high scores on fun-play slot machines, or you can play for real money directly on the online casinos.

Mobile use has created a huge divide in the gambling market, and one that never existed previously. On one side you have the fun-play “gamblers”, the ones who have no intention of winning or losing money, and simply want the enjoyment without the risk.

For these players, there are free games to play through social media and directly on their devices. On the other side, there are dedicated gamblers like ourselves. These are the ones who want the full, real-money experience, playing low-stakes or high-stakes poker, slot machines, roulette, blackjack and more, all on a mobile device.

Both of these industries are growing, with more games and more choice than ever before, but it is the second group that is of the most interest to us, and it is with this group in mind that we created this guide. So, if you want to know what the best games and the best casinos are for your particular device, as well as the best deposit and withdrawal options, please read on.

Mobile Casinos for Real Money in 2021

All respectable online casinos have mobile software, because all of the biggest developers (Microgaming, Playtech, RTG, etc.,) have created it for them.

This means that it has never been easier to find and download software onto your mobile device. If you use an Apple, Windows or other device, then you can download the software directly through the app store.

From there you just need to run the app, create an account, login and then play. If you use an Android device then you will need to download directly from the online casino website (more on that later).

We would actually recommend that you do this anyway, as that way you can browse through the many casino bonuses on offer, and ensure that you “opt-in” to the best ones.

There is always a new member bonus of some description available, but if you download the app directly onto your phone then you might miss out on this.

So, visit the website, find the bonus and then read the terms. Once you are sure that you meet all of these terms, then you can download the app and go from there.

In some cases you will have to sign-up via the website, before downloading the app and logging in, but once that has been done then you never need to visit the website again and can do everything you need to do directly through the app.

Popular Mobile Devices to Play Casino Games

The smartphone and tablet markets are some of the richest in the technology industry, and everyone wants a piece of that lucrative pie.

This means that there is no shortage of devices out there, with a tablet and a smartphone to suit any taste and all budgets.

apple is a lead player in the online mobile casino gamesiPhone

This popular Apple device had a head start in the mobile gaming category, as it was the first device of its kind and therefore the first to embrace this new era. Today, it remains as the most popular way to gamble on the go. As the new generations are released, mobile gamblers are finding that the iPhone is becoming even more equipped for dealing with mobile gambling. Not only are the screens getting bigger (particularly in the case of the iPhone Plus models) but the device has more power, better graphics, and with the addition of 3G and 4G, you can literally gamble anywhere. The first release of the iPhone was back in 2007, and every year since then Apple have released a new version of the phone. In the early years they simply added 3G and other capabilities to the previous release, but in later years they released a new phone one year, followed by an upgraded addition of that phone a year later.

sadly you will not find betting games in the google play storeAndroid

The Android operating system is more widespread than iOS, which is the OS used on the iPhone. That’s because Android is not tied to one developer, and has been used by everyone from Google and Samsung to HTC. The most popular device is the S series developed by Samsung, which is often seen as a direct competitor for the iPhone. If you own an Android device you might need to tweak your settings before you can gamble, as default settings often make this difficult. Android is very strict when it comes to gambling, which is why you will not find any gambling apps on the Google Play store. That’s not to say that these apps aren’t safe though. It’s simply because Google seems to have an issue with mobile gambling on the whole. To get around this, you need to download apps directly from the casino website, after which you can turn off the setting that stops these apps from being accessed.

tablets make casino games on mobile more fun and easyTablet

The first Tablet was developed by Microsoft many moons ago. In fact, that’s where the term “Tablet” was coined. However, it wasn’t until the release of the iPad many years later that this device really took off. Tablets have most of the capability of a smartphone, albeit without cellular capability, and without the high price tag. As they are bigger, they often come equipped with more powerful processes, and the bigger screen is also better suited for mobile gaming and gambling. You don’t need to spend a fortune to acquire a tablet, because whilst there are many premium models at the top end of the market, these days there are also scores of high quality budget tablets to choose from. The best-selling premium tablet brands are Apple, Samsung, Google and Microsoft, whilst the best-selling discount brands are Asus, Acer and Lenova.

casino games on the ipad is very user friendlyiPad

The iPad was the first tablet of the new generation, and one that is still seen as the best around. This was the device that helped to change the face of the internet, turning us away from our mice, keyboards and clunky desktop PCs, and towards our laps, our tablets and our touch screens.

There are many additions of this popular tablet out there, from the standard iPad, which is big, heavy and incredibly powerful, to the more lightweight iPad Air, which is roughly the same size, but much thinner. The iPad Mini, which is much smaller and lighter than the original iPad, has also proved to be a very popular tablet, and there have been multiple versions of it released over the years.

The iPad uses iOS and is equipped with a Retina Display, which is a high pixel-count screen that can make even the simplest games look breathtaking.

Top Mobile Casinos

As avid mobile gamers ourselves, we have used a lot of the sites and the software that’s available. Our team have played and reviewed a large number of these sites in order to cherrypick the very best and recommend them for our readers. Our recommendations are based on everything from playability, variety and bonuses, to banking options, security and customer support. 

To view our list of recommended casinos, click onto our casino table.

Mobile Casinos FAQ

Still have a few questions about mobile casinos and mobile gambling in general? Read on for a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions.

Is it Safe to Play Casino Games on my Mobile?

It should be just as safe to play on your mobile device as it is to play on your desktop device. The casinos are as interested in your security as you are, because they know that if anything happens, then they stand to lose a lot of respect and a lot of business.

There are some slight safety concerns when it comes to mobile gaming, but these are the fault of the player, and not the casino.

As with desktop casinos, mobile casinos are forced to abide by strict safety guidelines. They use the latest in encryption technology to ensure that everything from your activity to your personal details, your financial details and your money, are completely safe and out of harm’s way.

However, if a player uses their mobile in an unsecured location, if they lose it or have it stolen, then they are putting those details at risk, and there is nothing the casino can do about it.

There are ways you can help yourself though. The first thing you should do is put a security lock on your device. This can be done in a number of ways, many of which will depend on the device you use.

The most basic form of protection is to use a passcode, which often comes in the form of a 4 digit password.

On the latest, more expensive devices, you can use fingerprint recognition, voice recognition and facial recognition to protect your phone.

If this technology is available, then by all means use it.

You should also look to avoid using your device on unsecured internet connections. If you are using an open connection, such as those available in public places, then you are exposing yourself and your details to opportunistic hackers who can compromise the connection and its users.

Bear in mind this only applies to unsecured connections, and that you should have no problem if you are using a secure connection or if you are using 3G or 4G. 

There is no need to download security software and apps. There is no need to avoid using your phone when you are outdoors. And there is certainly no need to avoid downloading any casino software onto your phone.

Providing that you remain aware, and that you take the necessary precautions discussed above, then you will not have any issues.

What Kind of Games Can I Play on the Go?

In most cases, if you can play it on your desktop then you should be able to play it on your mobile. This isn’t always the case though.

Games need to be adapted by the developer for them to be played on mobile devices, and whilst they ensure that all new games and all popular games are adapted for mobile use, the same can’t be said for older games and for less popular games.

Developers have also started catering exclusively for the mobile market, doing what they can to appeal to the fastest growing demographic of internet users.

This is why you will find many “Mobile Exclusive” games. These can be played on mobile software, but not on desktop software. These games are adapted for smaller touch-screens, and are therefore not suited for desktop use.

They include games like Beehive Reactors, which was launched towards the tail end of 2015 for the mobile market. This game was based around puzzle games like Candy Crush, and it includes a mini-game where players take control of a side-scrolling bee, helping him to hop, jump and fly over obstacles as he collects coins.

There are many more mobile-only games out there, including table games (poker, roulette, craps, blackjack) that were created for smartphone and tablet users.

As is the case with desktop games, you should be able to chose between “real play” and “fun play” options when playing these games, although these options aren’t available on all online casinos.

Are There any Other Mobile Platforms?

Of course! There is no end to the amount of platforms available. Android and iOS dominate this market, but others have tried to muscle in as well. Nokia, Microsoft and even HTC smartphones have been known to use the Windows Mobile OS in the past, and this platform has also been used on many Microsoft tablets.

It’s completely different to IOS and Android and offers a more visual experience, which makes it ideal for users who are not as technically minded, as well as those who enjoy a more visual experience.

For many years the Blackberry operating systems was one of the most popular mobile platforms on the market. It was initially designed for business users, but its popularity outstripped its initial demographic and it became an early competitor to the first iPhone.

It was not quite a smartphone though, requiring the use of an attached keyboard and having no touch screen capability, and ultimately this proved to be the Blackberry’s downfall.

Later releases have dipped into the smartphone market and Blackberry devices now look much more like the devices created by their competitors, but the damage had already been done by then and in the eyes of many, the Blackberry is considered to be a relic of the past.

Symbian and WebOS have also found their way onto popular smartphones and other mobile devices. They have a very small share of the market when compared to other platforms, but in most cases you will still be able to play online casino software if you use one of them.

Unlike desktop operating systems, mobile OS tends not to be as restrictive.

If you do have issues downloading casino software, then you might be able to play directly through the mobile website.

Can I Get a Bonus While Playing on my Mobile Device?

Bonuses apply as much to mobile users as they do to desktop users. Whether it’s a “no deposit” bonus, a “matched deposit” bonus or something else, if it’s available to you as a desktop player then it will be available to you as a mobile player as well. 

Many online casinos have spent a lot of time and money on their mobile software, doing what they can to appeal to a rapidly growing demographic.

To ensure they get the most out of it, they are offering “mobile only” bonuses. These have cropped up everywhere from poker rooms and sports books, to online casinos.

Basically, if you use the site or the software through your mobile device, then you will trigger extra bonuses.

This means that you can often get more as a mobile user than as a desktop one.

Conclusion (where do casinos go from here)

In terms of internet usage, the mobile demographic began to dominate the desktop one in 2015. This was when everyone began to take notice, because it was when Google forced them to take notice.

It was in 2015 when Google made the biggest algorithm change for a number of years, penalizing websites that had not yet catered to the mobile market.

Simply put, it didn’t matter how big or popular your site had been, if it was not mobile ready, then it was heavily penalized. This forced everyone’s eyes open, including those who had previously been blind to the mobile revolution.

This revolution is showing no sign of slowing down, and to predict its future you only need to understand the youngest generation. For the first time, kids spend more time watching YouTube and streaming services than they do watching TV. They spend more time playing online games than they do playing console games.

And they do all of these things on smartphones and tablets. Mobile use may be split more or less 50/50 with older generations, but when it comes to the generations that will decide the future of the internet, it’s all about mobile devices.

Luckily, online casino developers are taking note, and they are doing some very exciting things with mobile gambling.

Games are getting bigger and better, software is becoming more immersive and interactive. Before long, you will have all of the joys of a grand casino, directly on your mobile device.

Virtual reality may also play a part, because whilst we’re still someway away from true VR, the devices that are available are getting better, smaller and more integrated. This means that in the future you might be able to gamble with your friends as if they were right next to you, even though they’re miles away.

You might be able to play in fully immersive, televised “live” poker tournaments, without ever leaving your house.

This is an exciting time to be alive, and it’s a fantastic time to be a casino gambler, and if you ready to start playing with your mobile phone, check out the below games, all can be found on your mobile device, all can be played for real money :