These are strange times. We see entire industries scramble to adapt to the world that is changing around them. The reason for the change is of course, technology. The first industry to fall to its knees was the newspaper industry.

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Now Hollywood is putting a brave fight to hold on to moviegoers who are, in large numbers, prefer to stay on the sofa and binge away. The retail industry in its entirety is also struggling to stay competitive with online shopping that is becoming increasingly popular.

The common string that runs through all of the above industries is the preference of people to stay home. There’s no other way to say it: if there is a choice between going out – to buy a newspaper, to buy clothes, to see a movie – and reading online, buying online or streaming – people prefer the latter.

Is the Casino Industry Next to Surrender to the Online Power?

In the last decade or so online gambling has seen a massive surge Even though some countries, including the US, have decided to stay on the sidelines at the moment, the countries that have legalized it – mostly the UK, Australia, Germany, Scandinavia – are raking in the taxes.

Even in a tiny country like Denmark, population 5 million and change, online slots sites enjoying huge popularity.

One can understand why the casino moguls of Las Vegas are fighting with all they’ve got against legalizing online gambling in the US. They enjoy a unique hold on the casino market in the US, where gambling is legal in only three states – Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware.

These three states are benefiting from local tourism that crave the casino experience. Now imagine if Mark from Colorado had a choice: an expensive trip to Vegas, air tickets, hotel, meals etc, or simply going online on his living room sofa and gambling to his heart content?

Land Casino Vs. Online Casino

Find the difference between Land casino and Online casino

Many would think that the experience of a real, land casino is far superior to an online one. But my guess is that many of them never actually played in an online casino. And let’s say it straight up – there’s no better or worse, the experiences are different, each with its own advantages and pitfalls. Land casinos obviously provide the “being in the moment” experience, feeling the energy of fellow players, hearing the sounds and being treated to complementary drinks (if you’re sitting at the right tables.)

Online casinos, on the other hand, provide you more control over the experience, and allowing it to happen whenever and wherever, in short intervals without having to commit to a few days at a time.

And, there is a safety net of sorts for the online gambler –from informative sites about how to play and win the various online games, all through online slots review sites like SlotSpinners, that provide valuable information for the online gambler about specific games, specific casinos and special promotions. That’s a big help because there are literally hundreds of online casino sites and each of these sites has hundreds of games to choose from.

Let’s take a popular UK online slot site PrimeSlots Machines as an example. For the first time user, their home page can be quite overwhelming – how can you choose from the about two hundred slot games? You simply open another tab in your browser, type in a name of game and immediately get all the information you need about it, comparisons to other slot games, and so on. Now try to do that in Vegas.

The New Future of Gambling is Virtually Around the Corner

With all the advantages of online, land casinos still offer an experience that online casinos can’t match. But all that will soon change when VR technology will take over the mass market. When the price of VR goggles will drop and the technology will mature the word “experience” will forever change.

You’ll be transported to a casino immediately, a casino as real as any on the Strip. You’ll sit around a poker table, with other players from different corners of the world and play to your heart content. When you fed up with the game you could simply walk over to the roulette and play a few rounds there. When all this will be available, as PlayStaion is available now, it is hard to imagine Vegas hotels still booked months in advance.

The entire advantage of land casino will be lost to its online counterpart. Land casinos are without a doubt will not be the only casualties of the VR revolution. Museums? Zoos? World heritage sites? When we can see stuff from our home in real-life, reactive 3D, would we still have the desire to see it in actuality? We’ll just have to wait and see. Literally. 

But no matter what the future holds, people will still will want to relax and enjoy and there is nothing like a good game of casino to lift the spirit of the common people. See below the most popular games in today's world, will it be the same in the future ?