Since poker has hit the virtual world, it has changed the face of how poker is played. The game has become so popular that people from across the globe are playing it now. However, there are many people who feel that the free games of poker are not worth much and the real deal lies in the bigger tournaments. You will be surprised to know that the road to the big games is carved by these very free poker games that are available on the net.

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Below are some tips that will help you go from the free games to the big tournaments-

Choose free poker bet online casinos

The first step on this journey is to find online casino sites that provide you with free poker games and bets. Most sites on the net will offer some sort of free play in the form of bonuses. It is advisable that you conduct your survey before joining a site. The site must also have options for its players to join the championship games. Events like the 11 event bracelets that has guaranteed prizes is highly recommended and one should look out for these types of events when joining a site. So while the bonus does come into play, the site you pick must also offer you the opportunity to participate in the bigger events.

Factors that will help you choose

When looking for a good online poker site, make sure you keep some factors in mind since they will ensure that you play on a good site. The site must accept multiple currencies. The information that you give out to the site must be kept private and not shared with another other person or organization. There must be technical support made available to the players, since sometime or the other you will require this help. A site must have some good bonus deals to offer and most importantly the site must allow an opportunity to its players to play for free on the site before deciding if they want to join in or not.

Factors to focus on

Find the best poker site to play big games.

Once you have found the site that appeals to you, take your time to go through the terms and conditions of the site. Make sure that the site has a professional feel to it and is does not look like a shoddy site that is going to malfunction. Check out the variety that the site has in terms of poker games. Games like Texas Hold 'Em, Three Card Poker, Omaha, 7 Card Stud, and 5 Card Stud must be made available.

Tips to keep in mind

When you begin to play on the site make sure that you handle the bets with care, since even in the virtual scenario you are playing with real money. Try and get in as much second opinions as you can especially if you are new to the virtual poker arena. Always make sure that you read up on tips and strategies of poker and then play with a clear head.

It is these basic steps that will lead you to the big games, just like Jerry Yang who made it to the 2007 World Poker Series who also started out with the free games initially.

 Playing online has certainly shaken the poker world, with so many people turn to their computer to play the popular game. It's a much different game to play live game with live people, see their reactions and behaviors, than to play online, and only see the action on the virtual table. We recommend to try both approach and see which ones is best for you. Sometime you will not have a choice but to go online, as there will be no one to play with around you. In that case, knowing how to play and react in the online world is crucial.