The state of poker games on the PS3 is a dire one, indeed; during the days of the PS2, when the poker boom was at its peak, 10 different “poker” games were released for the PS2, including World Series of Poker games and a separate entry from Kid Poker himself, Daniel Negreanu’s Stacked, a free money game where you play with a texas holdem bankroll. Since the PS3 came out in ‘07, however, very few poker games have came out for the system. Many players complaints about the clunky interfaces, terrible AI, and the improvements on many online site’s free money games made the prospect of making more poker games for consoles a losing proposition.

The few that made it aren’t new entries, however; WSOP 2008 and High Stakes on the Vegas Strip are the only two with a listing under gamefaqs.com. Neither entry seems to have done much to help the case for console poker games; the online options are limited, the clunky AI is still too easy to combat, and the interface is still notoriously slow.

So what does this mean for the future of console poker games? Back in 2006, it looked like they were about to flood the market. Now? It looks like there’s a very small chance we’ll ever see WSOP 2010: November Nine in stores. Not until the PS3 network can get a more organized medium for their software; could a FullTilt or PokerStars themed play money game on the PS Network be far away? And will they ever introduce real money games, or offer fulltilt rakeback? Only time will tell. in the meantime,Casino is popular in Germany like the UK online Casinos.

Today you can play all the casino games on your phone or you TV if you have Chromecast or a smart TV. Big casino brands like Platinum Play offer sites that are compatible to all screen sizes in just one registration so you can play anywhere.

Here is another new machine called the Kinect and is used for Xbox 360.If you ever thought Sony will sit down quietly and let Microsoft launch the new Playstation Move without any fight then you are wrong.A consulting group in Israel made some great comparison between kinect and PS2, showing that the kinect is much better. Sony has now planning to launch a new machine named the Kinect for the Xbox 360 console and one of the greatest things this console/machine has to offer is that you can interact with the game without using the controller so the machine would know exactly what to do when you give it spoken commands or gestures or just by presenting images or all sorts of objects.This is the reason technology is so great these days, it can pickup voice and facial commands and gestures with recognition capabilities.If you have a hard time choosing what to buy - between the Playstation Move or the Kinect for Xbox 360, I will have to tell you the truth - I have never played the Kinect Yet but I am waiting patiently.


Sadly, the range of games on the new consoles for poker has been vastly limited; the poker boom brought about a plethora of bad (or worse) poker games for the last generation (PS2/GameCube/XBOX) that soiled the name of the poker video game. Combine that with free poker training and free poker play on most online poker sites, and it makes the prospects of selling the games rather difficult. The Wii has attempted to put out a few poker related video games, but none of them really have the backing or technology behind them to be more than novelties in the poker world.

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