There are a lot of choices when it comes to mobile casino payments. The following are some of the most popular:

• PayPal

This is one of the most favored cash transfer services because of two things: it’s so easy to sign up for it and very safe. Besides, opening personal accounts is free. Withdrawing isn’t a hassle either since they don’t charge additional fees. Some people complain about how strict PayPal is about their guidelines but that’s the only way they can protect their clients. Now, here’s a brief of the top three mobile casinos that accept PayPal:

• Lady Lucks

One of the best mobile casinos in the United Kingdom offers bingo, slots and casino games. The software is managed by Probability and is very easy to install. All that’s needed is your mobile number and just follow the instructions. One and a half million users are paid over ten million pounds within a month. That’s one of the reasons LadyLucks is quite popular. Start with a welcome cash of £5 and a cash match up to 225 pounds. Aside from the classic casino games like blackjack, roulette, and more, there are great slot games that include Treasure Island, Gold Rush and Loopy Lotto.

• mFortune

mFortune is the leader in the mobile casino market today, an easy feat since the company has concentrated solely on the mobile casino niche. From the year it was launched, mFortune has reaped numerous awards. People love it because the games are created by the company and that players can really keep their bonuses. Other casinos require players to spend a third or half of the prize won. The games were developed by mFortune itself, a testament to its focus on mobile casino gaming.

• Moobile Games

This mobile casino is commonly described with one word: fun. From the name itself, most of the games are inspired by things you see in a farm. It all starts with a barn and plenty of bright and lively colors. It’s a different mobile casino experience, although the game developer is also Probability. The bonus scheme is also the same as that of Lady Lucks.

This is only a short list of the best casinos for mobile phones but surely, each one will give you total casino entertainment.

Visa and MasterCard

When it comes to credit cards, Visa and MasterCard are undoubtedly the most popular in the whole world. It’s so easy to make use of these since you can just charge your deposits on your account. If you want to limit your spending, you might want to try applying for a cash card instead.


This is pretty different from other companies since they actually have electronic cash (vouchers) which is equivalent to the amount you deposit with them. If you have change or if you win a certain amount from the casino, it will be given to you as a voucher as well. This is why some people don’t like using it for cash withdrawals.

Mobile Phone Payment

T-Mobile, Orange, O2, Vodafone and 3 put their heads and hands together to come up with Payforit, a payment service that you could use through your mobile phone. The highest amount is £10 and it will be reflected on your monthly phone bill. This service is advantageous for mobile casino players not only because it’s free and convenient but it also controls the gambling habit with its transaction limit. Your spending is controlled and you won’t be shocked when your phone bill arrives.

Find out more about casinos that accept mobile phone payments.

Mansioncasino.comin Australia offers numerous games of online blackjack and players of all levels can enjoy. Check out different variations of online blackjack now!

Check Out New Types of Blackjack

Our online casino blackjack game menu features a great number of different variations of this classic game. These new versions introduce new rules and exciting opportunities to increase your online blackjack fun-factor and earning potential! Below are some of our favourites, 21 Duel Blackjack and Lucky Blackjack.

21 Duel Blackjack's 21 Duel takes the classic game of Blackjack and ups the ante. Like the original Blackjack, you want the sum of your cards to be as close to 21 as possible, but it gives it a twist so that every time you play you have a better shot at winning the jackpot!

So how does one duel?

21 Duel Blackjack works like any game, such as Craps, Aussie slots machines or Roulette, where you start by placing your bets. In this version of the game, one card will be facing you and the other will be facing down. The dealer's two cards are dealt facing the table and two more cards will be placed faced up in the middle of the table. The two cards in the middle of the table are called "community cards."

Now's when the action begins!

It's up to you to fold or to let the thrills continue and play. By folding, you quit that round and have to give up the money you bet but if you continue playing you have a second bet, and a chance to make a lot more money.

If you've decided to show your swordsmanship, and are continuing to play, then you will have to place a second bet. Now, it's up to you which one of the "community cards" to pick up and add two your hand. Once you have those three cards, you can choose if you want a "hit" or if you don't want any more cards and want to "stand." Once you make your decision, the game returns to being like regular Blackjack, as you win if you have the highest cards closest to 21; and if you go over 21, you have "busted" and have lost that round of cards. Players always reveal their cards before the Dealer.

Lucky Blackjack

Lucky Blackjack is an entirely different type of blackjack in that there are no cards dealt to the player. Only the dealer is dealt cards, and it’s your job to guess the total value of the dealer’s cards. It couldn’t be simpler to play this game: simply place your bet and guess the dealer’s card value. Then you will be paid out according to the following pay table:

• 17 pays out 5:1
• 18 and 19 pay out 6:1
• 20 pays out 4:1
• 21 pays out 12:1
• Bust pays out 2:1
• Blackjack pays out 19:1

Have fun exploring the modern blackjack games at in Australia!

It was the mid-1990s when the first real money online casino was launched. The industry was minuscule back then, with the number of games available for play being equally small (barely over a dozen). Online payment methods were also scarce, and so was bandwidth. I remember repeatedly receiving casino CDs through mail - and I was excited to receive something tangible and free that I have ordered through the internet.

Two decades have passed ever since, and the casino industry has gone through a huge evolution. What was a minuscule online business has today become a huge industry, with billions of dollars of profit generated each year. The games themselves have changed a lot as well, and so did the platforms on which they run. If the CDs I used to receive through mail only ran on Windows based PCs, today casino games run on any platform you can imagine.

You can tell a casino software developer's age by taking a look at its platforms. Companies that have entered the casino business in the distant past (two decades qualify as a "distant past" in the world of technology) will have a downloadable casino suite for their players, which contains their complete collection of games. Microgaming, the developer behind Euro Palace Casino, is one of them - actually they claim to have been the first company to launch a functional online casino in 1994.

To see how casinos look today let's take a better look at what Euro Palace offers its players.

It has the downloadable casino suite, still only available for Windows-based PCs. It is unlikely to change - Windows is still the most used operating system when it comes to desktop computers. But aside from its downloadable suite, Euro Palace also offers its players a browser-based casino. Players can simply register an account through the Euro Palace website and start playing instantly in a browser window. They can use the same account when playing through the downloadable suite and on their smartphones and tablets. The number of available games differ among the platforms, of course. The downloadable suite has all the games released by the developer since the very beginning, where as the other two interfaces offer access to a smaller, but more recent collection of games. It's only a few easy steps to get started at Euro Palace Casino.

Downloadable casinos will most likely disappear in the long run. Most "younger" developers have not even released a downloadable software suite - all their games are browser based. Casino software developers are exploring new platforms for their games - Microgaming, for example, has already released a slot game for Android Wear, and their virtual reality slot machine is also in the works.
Making of the most amazing entertainment has become possible through the modern online gambling at Royal Vegas casino. Gambling in the past was part of life where you one would play a game for money or participate in a rather social activity with the aim of achieving a reward or gift. Gambling has all the been a risk and that is what all casinos including the royal Vegas offer, a chance enjoy in an active leisure or entertainment where you can knowingly take a reasonable risk by playing a game for money in order to win some more or lose some.

Nevertheless The Royal Vegas most prestigious online casino with the best chances one can get to win in every slot or game. It is a popular casino with most players, gamers and gamblers with a pleasant history or experience in it games and casino slots. It is one of the elegant legitimate play stations that give players the value for their money. Gaming OnlineRoyal Vegas is a unique new generation online casino that not only offer all that you can get from a land based casino but much more of than what can be found on a land based casino. It offer players a chance to enjoy it variety games anywhere anytime at their own convenience or comfort of their home and work places. Being one of the most popular sites has been due to the easy connectivity and compatibility of the Royal Vegas online casino on all gadgets that can access have internet. There platform for play games and slot provided the best crystal clear graphics that also uplift the satisfaction of the gamers.

Variety Of Games/SlotsRoyal Vegas has more than 500 games available to it current 2milllion+ players around the world. It offers variety of popular and trending game/slots games. Some of these are the popular blackjack, video slots, video poker, baccarat, sport betting among others. For this online casino all game can play well in any computer, laptop, or smartphone and still deliver a gross satisfaction among its fans in all connections.

Amazing Bonus OfferBonus offers are some of the brilliant offers that has kept most players hook to the Royal Vegas. The Royal Vegas offers bonus when one registers an account with the online casino, when one is a frequent player, for new games slots in the casino market, for beginners, for smart moves in different slots among others. These amazing offers are so exciting for the players.

Legal GamblingWith rise of cybercrime, gambling online had, in the recent past seemed tricky and illegal. It’s important to know that Royal Vegas is a legal online casino that has all the legal right of operation in various jurisdictions across the states. Once you acquire an account with Royal Vegas you’re assured of secure transaction and security in account details. In general online gambling is legal but only prohibits financial institution from transacting as gambling entities or engaging in casino activities.There is a perfect entertainment with Royal Vegas. All you need is a computer with good internet connection, anywhere, anytime

The French gambling market has exploded in popularity in recent years, as many players discover the fun it creates and the fact that you don't need to go to Vegas, or any other land casino to enjoy fun games.

And as any other online niche, French casinos are available at an incredible rate, allowing players worldwide to play in their sites. Choosing a site to play is like choosing any other service you need on your everyday life. Check and compare. One good example of a site that compares French casinos in terms of bonuses and sign ups deals. It will recommended you where is the best value to you, and even lets it's visitors play for free.

French market is very attractive as there are many players who like to play online, and off course, now days, you can play from everywhere. Just grab your tablet or Smart phones, and download the necessary app of your favorite game. So it essential to do some due diligence prior to playing, and endure best deals available, after all, why wouldn't you want to get the best deal that you can ?

So sites owners go above and beyond to get their cut in the cake. It is only work in their favor if the will increase the bonuses and sign ups, and attract as many players as they can. The European market is huge, and the better you will be, and the more you will give, the more you will get in return, that's just plain common sense.

And as more and more players from around the world place casino games, you can find any language you wish for to compare and check best casinos online.

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