There are thousands of online casinos out there, but they are share a few things in common, including the fact that the software they use for their slots, their table games and everything else, was created by just a handful of developers.

The Best Online Casino Software Sites

The casinos license the games from these developers and in return they pay a fee and they also handover some of their earnings.

These developers provide a crucial service, and as a player, it pays to get to know them. That way you can learn where the best games for cash are, where the biggest variety is and where you should be spending your time. 

In this guide we’ll answer those questions and more.

Casino Software Providers: A List

Find the most recommended software for online casino gamesIt’s a question we get asked a lot, and one that few know the answer to: just who are the biggest (and smallest) developers out there? Who are the ones making the games you play and providing the basis for the casinos you love?

Well, this list will tell you where to find the very best casinos using the software below.


The very first online casino and one of the biggest around, Microgaming is well known in this industry and you have probably already played their table games and their slot machines.

Microgaming is home to titles like Double Exposure Blackjack, Avalon, Thunderstruck and to licensed titles such as Game of Thrones, Jurassic Park, the Dark Knight and Tomb Raider. Microgaming were the first ever developer to start licensing casino games, and before that they were also the first online casino.


Although they have not been around for as long as Microgaming, Playtech are often considered to be bigger. In our opinion, they have better table games, with titles such as Switch Blackjack.

And like Microgaming, they also have a long list of high quality slots. Playtech also offer a wealth of other gaming options, including Forex and binary options trading, something that you just don’t get with other developers and something that has helped them to grow.

Realtime Gaming

Often shortened to “RTG”, Realtime Gaming are usually seen to be the third biggest developer, although for the sheer number of licensees, they are probably the biggest. RTG have a reputation for controversy as they are licensed by many scam casinos, but that is not their fault and the vast majority of licensees are legitimate and honest.


Although not many people realize, BetSoft have been around for a number of years. However, it wasn’t until a few years ago, when they launched their innovative new slot technology, that they really started to hit the headlines and wow slot fans the world over.

BetSoft is home to some of the best 3D slots you will see, and although they don’t have a huge number of these available, any “Best Slots” list would not be complete without several BetSoft titles.

Net Entertainment

Shortened to “Net Ent”, this developer is well known for their slots, and can be just as innovative and as exciting as BetSoft. Net Entertainment are responsible for games such as Gonzo’s Quest.

Net Ent offer the complete package for licensees, but the fact that they offer so few games and are so highly sought-after, means that they tend to be added onto other gaming packages. This is why you will often see Net Ent slots alongside Microgaming or Playtech ones.


One of the pioneers in this industry, IGT don’t get as much respect as they deserve, especially in the online gambling industry. As with Net Ent, they are often aded to other gambling packages and offer some standout slots, but they also release a lot of poorer slots, ones that don’t really impress and ones that few players are interested in.

Play’n Go

You may have seen this name crop up a few times, and it is often attached to unique table games, or to versions of classics real money games like roulette and baccarat. Play’n Go also creates slots, and has been doing so since the late 1990s.


This Irish-based developer has been around for more than 20 years and while it hasn’t made as many waves as the likes of Playtech and Microgaming in that time, it has released some worthwhile titles.

These include superhero slot machines and licensed slots like Call of Duty, which is a sought-after trademark that they own the slot rights to.


Although they are best known for creating some of the best Backgammon games online, this developer has also branched out into slots, including Secret Agent: The Reel Story and Good & Evil, two slots that are well worth playing.

NextGen Gaming

This is a relatively small brand, but one that has worked its way onto the biggest gambling sites worldwide, with their slots added to sports book casinos, online casinos and more.

This UK based brand is best known for its slots, as this is where it excels.


You may have heard of names like WagerWorks and others, but these have since been assimilated into other brands. WagerWorks became part of IGT, Ash Gaming became part of Playtech, Casino Flex is part of the 888 gambling brand, while QuickFire is powered by Microgaming.

SG Gaming have also made an impact, and they own both the WMS Gaming and Barcrest brands.

Casino Software: All You Need to Know

Have any questions about the software developers out there? Want to know what the best games and the worst games are?

In this section we aim to answer all of those questions, telling you all that you need to know about the developers in this industry.

Microgaming have more slots casino games than any other developerThe Best Software For Slots

Microgaming got there first when they created the first online casino many years ago. They were the only ones offering online real money slots back then and continued to be so for some time. That is no longer the case, but they still have more slots than any other developer.

They also created the very first progressive slots and to this day, their hit title Mega Moolah holds the record for the biggest win on an online slot machine.

Playtech also have a strong line-up of slots, but if you want the very best, then you should be looking for casinos that use IGT, BetSoft or Net Ent slots. These are beautifully made, great fun to play and these developers are always looking to create the next big thing.

if you want to focus on online betting table games, look for casinos with Playtech, Microgaming & Realtime GamingThe Best Software For Table Games

Playtech are well known for their table games. They have one of the lowest house edge blackjack games around, and also have a good choice of baccarat, poker and other games.

Microgaming are also a big name when it comes to table games, and as well as great games of blackjack and craps, you can also find one of the widest selections of Sic Bo variants.

BetSoft and others tend to be limited in this area, so if you want to focus on table games then look for casinos that use Playtech, Microgaming or even Realtime Gaming.

RTG is recommended For online casino slot gamesOther Software For Slots

RTG have a lot of slots, and although they don’t get as much respect as Playtech or Microgaming, they do have a lot for you to choose between. Also, RTG is also home to one of the largest selections of progressive jackpot slots in the industry, putting even Microgaming to shame in this regard.

BetSoft and Net Ent are recommended for online casino gamers who want a reliable casino softwareOther Software For Table Games

BetSoft and Net Ent don’t have a lot of variety in this area. Still, the table games that they do have are impressive, both to look at and to play, and this is why these two developers are so widely respected.

If you love your table games, then these guys are just as worthwhile as the likes of Microgaming and Playtech.

if online casino games were a popularity contest Playtech would take the leadThe Most Popular Casino Software in the World

This is debatable, but it seems that Playtech leads the way as far as popularity goes. We can also be certain that in terms of revenue, and the number of multi-million dollar casinos that use them, Microgaming and Playtech are the biggest.

Realtime Gaming are used on a vast number of sites as well, but only because they charge less and are less picky. You very rarely get a huge gambling brand using this software.

If we go by what the biggest sites use, the BetWay’s, BetFair’s and Bet365’s of the world, then you will find a mixture of Microgaming and Playtech, often with the addition of slots from IGT, Net Ent and others. Very rarely do these sites use BetSoft or RTG.

Realtime software is the most popular software in american based casino gaming sitesCasino Software in the US

We mentioned Realtime Gaming above, and how this is relatively rare on popular casinos, but that does not apply in the United States, where it is popular. Microgaming and Playtech, as well as others, tend to be avoided by casinos looking to offer services to players in the United States.

Whether this is by choice or by necessity we do not know, but many US casinos use Realtime Gaming, as well as BetSoft and others.

casino software dominates online casinos on base of locationCasino Software Worldwide

Depending on where you live, you will find that a certain software dominates casinos in your county.

As with gambling software in the United States, the majority of casinos that appeal to Indian players seem to use the Realtime Gaming software. Gambling is not as restricted here, but it is also not as widely available as it is in Europe and Australia.

In Europe, you will find a host of Microgaming and Playtech software, all of which tends to come bundled with everything from IGT to Net Entertainment. The same goes for Australia, albeit with an emphasis on Microgaming.

That’s because Aussies love their slots (known as “Pokies” Down Under) and Microgaming tend to lead the way in this field. New Zealand is similar to Australia, whereas the trends differ greatly in Asia, where online gambling isn’t always legal.

Other Casino Software

What about other software? Online gambling is huge after all, so where do the other games we enjoy playing come from?

What Are The Best Poker Rooms?

There are poker games created by the developers listed above, including simple Three-Card Poker table games, where you play against the dealer, and actual poker rooms (offered by the biggest developers).

However, if you are looking for person-to-person play, with big tournaments, cash games and more, then you’re probably better off with something like the iPoker network.

Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker are also well worthwhile and are the two biggest names in this business. They have their own poker networks, filled with thousands of players at any given time. Networks like OnGame and iPoker, on the other hand, are connected to many different websites, all providing their own layout and aesthetics, while connecting to the same network of players and games (much like different online casinos connect to the same software and offer the same games).

What Are The Best Bingo Rooms?

Playtech have some good bingo software, and if you have ever played bingo online, then there is a good chance you will have played it before. And if you see an online casino that has a bingo room attached, then you’re probably on a Playtech site.

Microgaming have something similar, as do some of the other developers, but while we’re somewhat on the fence in the Playtech vs Microgaming debate, in this particular case we side with Playtech.

Their bingo software is bigger, better, and it allows for more changes to be made by the casino. That’s why it is preferred not only by sports books and online casinos worldwide, but also by bingo rooms setup specifically to offer this game.


What is Live Dealer and How Can I Play it?

Live Dealer software lets you simulate the real casino experience on your computer. It combines virtual casinos in more of an immersive environment, allowing you to play table games such as blackjack, roulette and others. Basically, the table, the dealer and the cards (or the wheel) is real, but the chips and the bets are virtual.

If you are concerned that the spin of the wheel or the turn of the cards is not fair and is somehow rigged, then Live Dealer games can eliminate that concern. It also provides a fun alternative to virtual gambling, but die-hard gamblers may dislike the speed and the fact that there are often queues and lag.

Is This Software Fair?

Live Dealer software is as safe and as fair as virtual gambling. In many cases they don’t need to use random number generators as they use actual wheels, dice or cards, so these games are as fair on Live Dealer software as they are in real casinos.

Of course, there are no strict checks on these games like the ones on virtual games, but the same could be said about a real casino. And if you feel safe in a real casino and are assured that the games you are playing are legit and fair, then you should feel the same way about Live Dealer games.

How Can I Check to Make Sure?

There are ways that you can check that a casino and the software it uses is fair. The first thing you should do is check to see if the casino is regulated, and if so, by who. This information will be available somewhere on the homepage, marked by the logo of a regulator.

Don’t just take this on face value though, as scam sites can also use this logo. Instead, click onto it, visit the regulator’s site, and verify that the casino is on their list of supported sites.

You should also check to make sure the casino is audited. An auditor will run a check on the casino when it is first launched, ensuring that the banking options are safe, the games are fair and that everything else is in order. They will also run regular checks to make sure things remain this way. One of the main auditors is eCogra, so look out for their badge or a similar badge.

You should be able to see the auditing information when you click on this badge, and that will tell you what checks were run, what the results were and if the site is fair, safe and honest.

Which Software Releases the Most Games?

Microgaming release more slots than any other developer and it has been that way for a long time now. You only need to look at the lists that detail the new slots released every month to see that Microgaming are a pretty dominant force. The issue is that many of these games can be described as “filler”, which is to say that there is nothing of interest.

However, the same can be said about many new releases and the only ones that try to release the best games all of the time, are Net Entertainment and BetSoft. But this usually means that they release only a handful of games every year, with Microgaming releasing more games per month than they release over the course of an entire year.

Which Software is the Most Innovative?

This is not an easy question to answer, as there are several developers that have played a big role in advancing the online casino industry.

For instance, Microgaming created the very first progressive jackpot slot and they continue to lead the way in this particular slot category. BetSoft, on the other hand, are relatively new, but their 3D slots are like no other, while Net Entertainment are renowned for their game-changing slots.

How Do I Download Casino Software?

It has never been easier to download casino software. In the old days you needed to have Microsoft Windows and a lot of patience, but these days they are widely compatible and work with most platforms. Many developers also offer instant play casinos, which means that you can play directly through your browser and don’t need to download anything at all.

Downloadable software can also be played on your mobile device, and you can even play through your mobile browser.

Can I Download Casino Software for Free?

Of course. In many cases you can play for free, using “fun credits”, and thanks to no-deposit bonuses you can even play with someone else’s money.

If you ever see a charge for a download, be very wary as there’s a good chance you have encountered a scam, one that is either looking to get a one-off payment, or to take your financial details and give you little or nothing in return.

Is It Possible to Cheat Casino Software?

It is not. The casinos can not cheat you, and you can not cheat them. Card counting does not work in games of blackjack, there are no systems that work consistently and there is no way to guess or alter the outcome of a RNG.

Are All Casinos that use this Software Guaranteed to be Safe and Fair?

Just because a casino uses reputable software, does not mean that it is reputable itself, and you should always be careful where you deposit your funds. Developers like BetSoft, Playtech and Microgaming tend to be more diligent in this regard, but you should always look to verify that individual casinos are legit before you sign up, and you should never assume that they are just because they use respected software.


Read our casino software guide to learn how to spot a reliable online real-money casino siteBy all accounts, the casinos have it easy. Not only do their license their banking options to secure third-party providers, but they do the same with their software. This is why one casino is similar to another, and it is why you will find the same games time and time again.

However, this is actually a good thing for the player, because it means that those games are heavily audited, checked, re-checked and then checked again to ensure that they are as safe and as fair as they should be.

With so many casinos to please and so many players to satisfy, those developers work out of their skin to create new games and more exciting titles, and that is also hugely beneficial to the players.