When you're ready to take a break from your favorite PS3 or Xbox 360 games, give online poker sites such as www.piramind.com a whirl. Not only can you play Texas Hold Em online, but new players can snag hundreds of dollars in free poker bonuses, just for signing up and playing.

Battling it out with thousands of poker players from around the world isn't just a nice change of pace but can be lucrative as well if you play your cards right; like professional gamers, top online poker players can easily make over $100,000 per year.

Best Poker Sites for Fish
When raking the best online poker sites by just about any category, it always seems to be the largest online poker rooms that top the list. If you’re looking for loose, juicy competition, however, the best poker sites often become the smaller, networked operators.

The problem with the largest online poker rooms is that, while they do attract the highest number of players, they tend to be sharks – not fish. And the fish that are around are too far outnumbered by the sharks to find a decent, fishy table. Even the lowest stakes have relatively low viewed-flop percentages.

Finding the best poker sites for fish has everything to do with viewed-flop percentages at large tables. A heads-up game is going to have a comparably high viewed-flop percentage anyway. There needs to be at least 5 players at the table.

When the viewed-flop percentage is high, in the 50%+ range, you know the participants are calling way too many flops. For a skilled online poker player, competing against fish presents the perfect opportunity to swipe some chips. Simply wait for a strong hand to make a move. The odds are in your favor that someone will call with a weaker hand.

Best Poker Sites for Fish – Merge Gaming Network The Merge Gaming Network is notorious for its overload of soft competition. Any online poker site on the network, such as Carbon Poker or Aced, is going to be a breeding ground for these inexperienced players. The viewed flop percentages are easily found in the 55-65% range.

Best of all, it’s not just the lowest stakes that present such juicy tables. Even mid-level stakes as high as $5/$10 often reveal viewed-flop percentages of 50% or better. As an extra tip, Carbon and Aced are some of the best poker sites on the Merge Gaming Network in the promotional department.

Best Poker Sites for Fish – Cake Poker Network Much like the Merge Gaming Network, the Cake Poker Network has some pretty fishy competition as well. Again, the viewed-flop percentages are often in the 50-60% range, but most of the soft competition is found in lower stakes games up to $1/$2.

Cake Poker, the flagship of the network, has a lot of good promotions, as does Doyles Room. In fact, Doyles Room is great if you want to hit a few tournaments on the side. You’ll get one free shot at the famed $50k Doyles Bounty just for signing up.

Best Poker Sites for Fish – Bodog Poker Bodog Poker has been around for over a decade and, unlike most other online poker rooms, is made up almost entirely of American players. Bodog seems to be the starting point for a lot of US poker players, resulting in an unprecedented number of fishy players at the tables. Serious American poker players are drawn more towards the best poker sites for tournaments and live event satellites, so you won’t find many of them at Bodog. The traffic isn’t as high either, so your game variety is a bit more limited, but the loosest competition is always found in low stakes NL Texas Hold’em games anyway.

I also likes to use other fresh sites from time to time. one good sites called piramind welt, which features many great games. The source piramindwelt.com, offers variety games which can definitely help in knowing the game of poker.

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The XBOX360 seems like the perfect avenue for poker console games, as well as online casino games. the XBL network and its massive player base, along with some of the best online design teams you can get for console gaming, would make it seem like the perfect storm of attributes needed to host a good free poker game, whether it be an online purchase or a disc based game.

Unfortunately, the choices for XBOX360 poker games are few and far between, and don’t offer much in the way of connectivity or variation. Texas Cheat’em is one of the more popular variations on XBL, but sadly, encourages players to utilize unrealistic cheating methods to win the game, which makes it worthless in showing players a true poker experience. Poker itself is represented by two older standbys; the WSOP 2006-2008 editions, and a no deposit bankroll game by Howard Lederer that was received very poorly by ratings sites online; gamefaqs.com gives it just a 4.6/10 across 5 review sites.

What’s the diagnosis for the future of poker games on the XBOX360? XBL is the second best thing to PC gaming, so the potential is there. It all depends on the abilities of third party developers to bring quality free money for poker games to the system. A smaller, but needy poker site, like Doyle’s Room or Cake, could possibly try to sponsor a console game with online modes that sync with PC play money players, and make a game that transports players into the sites themselves. Will we have another console poker renaissance? Only time will tell. i guess for now, we can try Play online, it's awesome and feels just like the original PS3!

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There are so many Lego console games available out there, Lego Batman, Lego Indiana Jones, Lego My Band, Lego Harry Potter......
Back in the days Lego was made especially for kids and was played to make something basic and simple or a whole advanced universe. Today there are a wide variety of consoles, and Lego is a very creative game, and similar to bingo games, kids and adults enjoy play the game together. From running trains, firefighters, policemen and other super heroes and scenarios, the Lego industry is strong as it ever was, and people all over the worlds continue to enjoy the game.

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The movement from high street bingo halls into the realms of online bingo has had a profound effect on every aspect of the business and the way the game is played. It is seminal in the recent growth spurt of the market and the introduction of hugely successful online bingo companies – read the latest games here or simply go to meccabingo.com. This success is largely down to the benefits of playing bingo online as opposed to going to a high street hall and is yet another chapter in the revolutionary element the internet introduces in today’s society.
It is the convenience factor that makes online bingo so appealing. It has been brought into the homes of millions through laptops and PCs and exposed the world of bingo through Internet advertising to a host of various players and potential players. Another attractive quality of the online format is the accessibility to such a variety of games including the unique & ‘house’ formats that many of the online companies provide. With such a variety on offer at the click of a button it is hard avoid these sights in favour of the classic high street bingo hall.
The obvious negative aspect of online bingo is the loss of the social aspect of playing the game in a busy hall and the exciting atmosphere it creates. Many companies have attempted to simulate this by including community sections in their websites. These sections usually include a blog, a forum and chat rooms that allow players to interact with one another and share the excitement present in the game of bingo. The online bingo site is the linchpin in the recent success of bingo, which shows no signs of dwindling, and although the high street bingo hall is suffering as a result, the game and the way it is played has undergone many positive changes due to this internet revolution.


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Gaming fans have often been tempted by online casinos because they can play the casino games alongside their video games. Although online casinos are still highly popular, more and more players today are turning to a different kind of gaming as a side option: bingo! That’s right, bingo is no longer the preserve of the middle-aged woman at a bingo hall. Bingo has moved online and is now the fastest growing online pastime. Players are getting younger too and there are more men getting involved than ever before. The huge increase in popularity of online bingo has meant that there are now a large number of different sites tochoose between.

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In order to play Bingo, you must understand the rules of the game. Although it does not take any set skill to play the game understanding the rules is necessary. In Bingo, players are given cards that have both letters and numbers. Bingo is spelled out across the top of the card and each letter is a column with numbers below it. The middle position on the card is a free position which helps the player to win a line. Numbers are called that are drawn by the dealer, such as “B5”. The player would then check their card for a B5 and should they have it cross it off as a box earned. A winner wins when they fill all the positions in column either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.


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