The Warcrafting world is about to be rocked to its foundations with the release of the Warlords of Draenor expansion, due in November, 2014. The orcish Iron Horde are about to re-write history, blasting back in time to the point at which the tainted Horde was created, and changing history to build a technically-advanced army to invade Azeroth.

If you're new or returning to the game, you can equip yourself for this epoch by purchasing a Warlords of Draenor guide. A guide typically sits in the game with you, allowing you an extra source of valuable information as you battle the foes you encounter and complete quests in this amazingly detailed fantasy realm. The number one provider of such guides can be found at Zygor. These guys really know their mages from their pit gods, and provide six essential guides: Leveling & Loremaster, Dailies & Events, Dungeons & Gear, Professions & Achievements, Pets & Mounts and Titles, Reputation & Macros.

Why do you need a Warlords of Draenor guide? Here are ten hellishly-good reasons:

They will prepare you - and we're not just talking about for battle. If you haven't played for a while your client and patches will be out of date. A guide will show you how to reconfigure your system so the new launcher will install correctly.

You'll level up quicker - The real fun in WoW starts when you reach level 90. Your trusty guide will show you how to get to the maximum level with minimal delay, so you waste less time on pointless quests.

They're great memory-joggers - If you're returning to the Warcraft world after a break, you'll be surprised at how much you've forgotten. If you invest in a guide, you'll be surprised as to how quickly you'll pick things up again.

You'll learn faster - Being a newbie at WoW can be frustrating, as you spend so much time in trial-and-error mode you sometimes feel you're getting nowhere. A guide will help and point you in the right direction.

They're your constant advisor - These guides are not just something you can dip into whenever you get stuck. They constantly monitor your progress and give you hints about where you're going right or wrong.

You'll make less mistakes - Another frustrating thing about WoW is that once you create a character, after a few levels you might find it's not the specific experience you were seeking. All you then can do is rip up your character and start afresh. Having a guide helps you make the right choices from the off.

They're with you in the game - Zygor's guides are software-based, which means you can consult in-game while you are playing.

They make the game more enjoyable! - WoW is supposed to be about having fun, after all. If your poorly-realized character stumbles around habitually on the brink of death, it's just as bad as being sick in real life! Having a guide better prepares you for longer-lasting, more enjoyable play sessions.

They're automatically updated - If you buy a book, then you need to buy a new one when an expansion – like Warlords of Draenor – comes along. These guides automatically update themselves, and for no cost.

They're free! - For a little time anyway – you can try any of Zygor's guides free for a trial period.

The Warlords of Draenor expansion dares to go further than any update released for WoW has ever gone before. If you want to give your character the best chance of becoming a battle-hardened hero, then seriously think about investing in one of the fantastic guides created by Zygor.
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The epic game World of Warcraft has captured the imaginations of millions from it's inception back in 2001 and continue to gain success over the years up until these days. Here is a wonderful video that brings you the WOW great story, and history, how it all began and evolve ever since. There are many levels to the game, and some players spend years in it, but even if you are a newbie, you can always jump in and join the game:

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Here is another new machine called the Kinect and is used for Xbox 360.If you ever thought Sony will sit down quietly and let Microsoft launch the new Playstation Move without any fight then you are wrong.A consulting group in Israel made some great comparison between kinect and PS2, showing that the kinect is much better. Sony has now planning to launch a new machine named the Kinect for the Xbox 360 console and one of the greatest things this console/machine has to offer is that you can interact with the game without using the controller so the machine would know exactly what to do when you give it spoken commands or gestures or just by presenting images or all sorts of objects.This is the reason technology is so great these days, it can pickup voice and facial commands and gestures with recognition capabilities.If you have a hard time choosing what to buy - between the Playstation Move or the Kinect for Xbox 360, I will have to tell you the truth - I have never played the Kinect Yet but I am waiting patiently.

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With all the new games arriving there is no need to ever leave the house again. :-) Sony Computer Entertainment which is also known as SCE launched out a new Playstation that is known as the Playstation Move, controlling motion using a special "wand" that has a camera eye that tracks the motion and position while the sensors detect the motion, this console machine is a major upgrade that other company's will have some tough competition.It uses one of the latest technologies and hardware available today.Back to the wand(controller) it is claimed to have a very comfortable grip, very easy to navigate and something like never seen before. You can play many sports games, and many other kinds of games, one important thing to consider is because it is so great is could be very addictive so if you are planning to buy it for yourself and/or spouse and/or kids take into consideration that you will enjoy yourself hours and hours so don't forget there are other things to do in life.

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Sumatran Storm – ideal for all gamers: The Sumatran Storm is one introduction from Kerching that promises to please all types of gamers. This is a version of the famous Siberian Storm that many are already familiar with. However, the twist here is the increased ways you can win playing this game – 720 in all, and that should be sufficient motivation for you to try your luck at it.

The minimum bet requires placing just 60 coins and the maximum payout you can hope to win is a huge £250,000. There are other smaller cash prizes to be won as well with corresponding rates and that is what makes this game ideal for all kinds of gamers. Irrespective of your level, you can participate and quickly get to know what it takes to increase your chances of winning at the Sumatran Storm.

But as always, let us look at the theme first. If the Siberian Storm was cold and snowy, this one is a sharp contrast. You have the hexagonal reels set against the hot burning sun as the backdrop. Molten lava and volcanic rocks spew out in the foreground as you feel the heat of the theme getting to you. When you talk of Sumatra in Indonesia, you cannot but bring in the Mount Sinabung – an active volcano amongst the 130 odd that are still very much present in this country and that explains the molten lave effect in the theme.

Now let us come to the symbols. You will have typical symbols famous in Indonesia. The Sumatran tiger has been an endangered species for a long time now. So you have this magnificent beast along with the other symbols: the shell horn, scatter, emblem, the storm logo and the tiger’s eye embellishing the game and drawing your attention to them as you attempt to explore one of the 720 ways by which you can make a win at this game.

The unique feature of the Sumatran Storm that enables you to have 720 winning combinations is represented by the MultiWayXtra system that is followed across the 5 reels. This is one game where there are no pay lines and before that deflates your enthusiasm, let me point out that in no way diminishes any winning chances or possibilities.

All you need to do is to get the same symbol in each of the adjacent columns. The advantage with the MultiwayXtra system is that you can get wins in either direction – from the left to the right and vice versa.

If you happen to land the iconic tiger’s eye on each of the reels, you will succeed in triggering the bonus round. This will entitle you to 5 free spins and you can get even more free spins with every additional symbol you are able to stack up on the reels.

All wins are multiplied by the coin value. You also have the scatter symbols with varying prize monies to bolster your winning chances. All in all, the Sumatran Storm is certainly one that any gamer will enjoy and is a welcome introduction.

To revel in the majesty of this new and exciting slots title you can visit online. new players can also benefit from a £100 welcome bonus!

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Sadly, the range of games on the new consoles for poker has been vastly limited; the poker boom brought about a plethora of bad (or worse) poker games for the last generation (PS2/GameCube/XBOX) that soiled the name of the poker video game. Combine that with free poker training and free poker play on most online poker sites, and it makes the prospects of selling the games rather difficult. The Wii has attempted to put out a few poker related video games, but none of them really have the backing or technology behind them to be more than novelties in the poker world.

Read more: Wii Console’s Poker Games- Few and Far Between

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The PS3 120 GB, called "the Slim", is well reviewed. Released in August , "the Slim" is published as the best game console for gamers and multimedia enthusiasts.

It has a mass of features into a small design, including HDMI output, Wi-Fi, 120 GB hard drive and USB ports.
The most notable features of "the slim" is an integrated Blu-ray player.

some will say the Blu-ray player is a hair slower than the one in the previous version of the Play Station, but it still has excellent reviews, and Blu-ray Discs are eautiful when viewed on an HDTV. On the other side, there is no compatibility for PS2 games, "the Slim" doesn't support Linux like older PS3 consoles.

The biggest BUG, however, is the library. While more PS3 titles are added all the time -- including demand games like "Gran Turismo 5" people say the PS3 will not beat the Xbox 360 when it comes The Xbox 360 handily beats the PS3.

Can you really combine Casino and PS3 ? under one roof ? seems like it..

When you'll finally find yourself roulette in your computer, you'll need to play it smart!. It's funny how Costa Online Bingo has it all!

Because of these reasons, some gamers find a better fit with the Xbox 360 Eliteinfo. For others, experts believe the PS 3 Slim is excellent. Some reviewers evaluate "the Slim", with some coverage from CNET and Britain's Each of those sources the PS3 Slim, and rates provided on some criteria. You can't gauge the PS3 the same way you evaluate free bingo sites or poker that you play on Facebook. It doesn't rates the PS3, video Revolution magazine writes exceptionally review that focuses on the Blu-ray and CD/DVD performance. Other reviews from some publications are available, and reviews from help gauge consumer satisfaction.

When you wish to relax with an easy thoughtless game, you should try bingo! There are plenty of online Bingo sites out there, and you can actually win cash prizes. Some sites offer free games and subscription. There’s no risk, and who knows? You might win a few.

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