The movement from high street bingo halls into the realms of online bingo has had a profound effect on every aspect of the business and the way the game is played. It is seminal in the recent growth spurt of the market and the introduction of hugely successful online bingo companies – read the latest games here or simply go to This success is largely down to the benefits of playing bingo online as opposed to going to a high street hall and is yet another chapter in the revolutionary element the internet introduces in today’s society.
It is the convenience factor that makes online bingo so appealing. It has been brought into the homes of millions through laptops and PCs and exposed the world of bingo through Internet advertising to a host of various players and potential players. Another attractive quality of the online format is the accessibility to such a variety of games including the unique & ‘house’ formats that many of the online companies provide. With such a variety on offer at the click of a button it is hard avoid these sights in favour of the classic high street bingo hall.
The obvious negative aspect of online bingo is the loss of the social aspect of playing the game in a busy hall and the exciting atmosphere it creates. Many companies have attempted to simulate this by including community sections in their websites. These sections usually include a blog, a forum and chat rooms that allow players to interact with one another and share the excitement present in the game of bingo. The online bingo site is the linchpin in the recent success of bingo, which shows no signs of dwindling, and although the high street bingo hall is suffering as a result, the game and the way it is played has undergone many positive changes due to this internet revolution.